BizAway is officially one of the B Corp Best For The World™ 2022

According to the B Impact Assessment, BizAway’s score in the Governance area is in the top 5% of the highest B Corps around the world, emerging among +5,000 companies of similar size thanks to its high performance in mission, ethics, accountability and transparency.

This result could be achieved by actively involving all employees in the creation and growth of value in full respect of the company.  In fact, as of January 2021, all BizAway employees became stockholders. The shareholders have decided to allocate up to 8% of the share capital to employees, giving each of them a stake (albeit without voting rights).

Governance assesses a company’s overall mission, its commitment to social/environmental impact, ethics and transparency.

Here are the scores achieved by BizAway:

This recognition of BizAway’s Governance practices makes us really proud. Being recognized as one of the Best For The World is a great incentive to keep pushing forward in this direction and work towards improved sustainability in business travel.” says Luca Carlucci, CEO and co-founder.

B Lab’s Best For The World™ program globally recognizes certified B Corp companies that have achieved the highest scores in the 5 impact areas assessed in the B Impact Assessment (BIA):

  • Community
  • Customers
  • Environment
  • Governance
  • Employees

BFTW™ empowers the entire B Corp community to share best practices and take advantage of opportunities for collaboration while always striving to make a collective positive impact and working together to achieve the vision of the B Corp movement.

B Corporations (Certified B Corporations) are all those certified companies that are committed to certain standards to ensure a positive impact on their employees, society and the environment, with the goal of measuring and certifying environmental and social performance as much as the economic one.