BizAway officially renews its commitment to sustainability. After being recognised as a benefit society in 2021, it is now officially the first TMC dedicated to business travel to obtain B Corp status worldwide. The Italian scaleup, in twelfth place in Sole 24 Ore’s Leader of Growth 2021 classification and in first place for the “Tourism & Travel” category, is part of the global network of companies certified by the American non-profit organisation B Lab.

B Corps are companies that meet high levels of social, environmental, accountability and transparency performance, offering a model that shifts wealth to guarantee of equity. Their aim is to ensure that environmental and social performance is measured and certified as much as economic performance.  

BizAway stood out in this respect, achieving a score of 92.8, one of the highest in the travel segment.

BizAway’s actions for all-round sustainability

In addition to the recognition as a Benefit Society, BizAway has always worked for a more conscious sustainability with the introduction of an automatic CO2 compensation system in the platform. BizAway was the first platform to introduce a system to quantify the emissions produced by business travel, thanks to a calculator developed in collaboration with the Lufthansa Innovation Hub (LIH).

This calculator allows its clients to offset the CO2 produced thanks to the collaboration with Eden Reforestation Projects, an organisation actively engaged in the fight against poverty and pollution by creating and maintaining new mangrove plantations in different areas of the world devastated by deforestation. During the booking process, the amount of CO2 produced by the specific booking is indicated and it is then possible to know what monetary compensation is needed to offset the pollution produced; with a small donation you can plant a mangrove, a tree with great CO2 absorption capacity.

The partnership with Squake is also very important in this regard, as it allows you to offset the emissions from your flights and donate your money to various associations, all of which promote environmental projects. Finally, BizAway has a partnership with Cooltra -a Spanish company that offers individuals and companies the opportunity to get around on two wheels in several European cities. Thanks to this collaboration, BizAway clients have access to a fleet of over 17,000 scooters, 64% of which are electric, available in 13 cities in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal with the possibility of renting by the minute, by the day or even renting by the month.  

The goals achieved by BizAway

There are five specific objectives that BizAway sets itself for the common benefit:

  • Governance

Commitment to governance that enables ethical and transparent action towards all stakeholders, promoting a conscious and sustainable way of doing business.

  • Community

Commitment to support the local community in evolving towards sustainability practices that guarantee respect for the fundamental rights of all citizens. It is also very involved in the local community, for example with the ‘Skillando Digital Volunteering’ project for digital natives, supporting the activities of local artists or promoting volunteering through waste collection days in the forest or on the beach. BizAway is also the official sponsor of some sports teams such as the Italian champion Veneto-based volleyball team Imoco and the European Judo Union.

  • Employees

Commitment to protecting employees by guaranteeing their fundamental rights, creating a collaborative and inclusive working environment. BizAway is also very attentive to the needs of its employees: Since January 2021, in fact, all employees of the scale up have become shareholders and were allocated up to 8% of the share capital.

  • Providers, clients and innovation

Commitment to involve providers and clients in development paths towards sustainability by sharing of projects and good practices.

  • Environment

The company is committed to applying policies and procedures to all production and non-production processes to minimise the environmental impact of its services and internal processes.

A look at the sustainable future of business travel  

have always been BizAway’s core values, guiding its growth and setting the way for the future.

The increasing awareness by companies of the need to make business travel sustainable and to incorporate green practices (also by introducing Green Travel Policies to provide a vademecum of recommended practices in this regard) is a tangible reality that will also guide their business choices and this makes BizAway the most suitable reality in the sector to meet their demands, thanks to the numerous services included in the platform that go in this direction.

This recognition is a great achievement for us and confirms that what we are doing is of value, not just economically wise. With this awareness, we continue to offer an innovative product, in continuous development and above all sustainable for the environment and society, thus confirming that we are active players in global change ” states Luca Carlucci, CEO and co-founder.