BizAway is the first platform to have integrated an automatic CO2 compensation system, thanks to a calculator developed in collaboration with the Lufthansa Innovation Hub (LIH) to quantify business travel emissions. The issue of sustainability has always been close to our hearts: with this new feature we can give concrete help to the Planet with a minimum contribution.

Know the environmental impact of each booking

Thanks to the automatic CO2 calculator, users are informed of the environmental impact that each booking entails, be it flight, hotel, train or car. During the booking process, the amount of carbon dioxide produced by that specific trip is indicated. Furthermore, the advanced calculation algorithms also indicate the amount of money necessary to compensate for the pollution produced. This means that thanks to a voluntary donation of a few cents for the mangrove plantation, it is possible to concretely help our Planet.

Plant mangrove trees thanks to the Eden Reforestation Projects

The idea of the automatic CO2 calculator is linked to an important sustainability project in collaboration with Eden Reforestation Projects: this non-profit organization is actively engaged in the fight against poverty and pollution by creating new mangrove plantations in large areas devastated by deforestation. In Ethiopia, Madagascar, Nepal, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique and Kenya.

By booking from the BizAway platform and for each € 0.10 donated, Eden Reforestation Projects will plant a mangrove. This tropical tree was chosen for its extraordinary CO2 absorption capabilities. During the course of its 25 years of life it manages to remove over 308 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere, on an average of 12.3 kg per tree per year.

Referring to the carbon emissions calculator of the ICAO (the International Civil Aviation Organization), a one-way flight Venice – Barcelona by a passenger emits 100.1kg of CO2 which can be offset with a donation of € 0.04. A few cents, therefore, which in a year have allowed to plant over 60,000 mangroves. An important result that bodes well for the future.

Companies that decide to become a “green” account will receive from BizAway a donation certificate, fiscally valid and deductible according to the applicable laws, as proof of their commitment to sustainability in business travel.