Sustainability is still a hot topic in the global context of business trips, especially in light of the restrictions suffered throughout this pandemic. Still, we can say that a positive impact of these restrictions has undoubtedly reflected on the business travel industry, now giving signs of recovery — with a renovated green awareness.

Check our 5 green tips for a sustainable business trip:

1. Adopt an eco-friendly travel policy

A sustainable business trip starts far before check-in: setting a green travel policy is the first step towards environmental impact reduction. Any examples? Promote the purchase of train tickets versus flight tickets or opt for the closest properties to the meeting location.

When it comes to travel policies, BizAway is very helpful: in the platform you can set the required parameters—even customised to the specific travellers’ groups—and they will automatically be applied during the booking process. This guarantees you to better manage your budget and at the same time be always eco-friendly.

2. Book the parking in advance

It may sound trite, but looking for a parking space may take to each driver up to 15 minutes (that turns to be half an hour in the European metropolitan areas), according to the study entitled Keeping our Cities Moving carried out by Xerox.

It goes without saying that spending much time in the traffic jam causes an increase of the CO2 emissions and of the stress level of whom is trying to reach an important job meeting.

In order to cope with these needs, BizAway integrated in its platform Parkclick services that allow to book in advance one of the 350.000 car park spaces available in over 2000 car parking located in 25 cities across 7 European Countries (Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany).

3. Choose a green hotel

Hotel chains of luxurious hospitality or simple accommodations like B&B are equally sensitive about sustainability and adopt specific measures to reduce the environmental impact like using ecological cleaning supplies, recycling, mounting photovoltaic panels or preparing meals with locally grown products.

If you are looking for a green hotel for your next business trip, do not hesitate to contact us: our team of expert travel agents will suggest you the most suitable properties, ideal places for your remote working too.

4. Choose to travel by train

Trains are the means of transport with the lowest environmental impact and contrary to what many think, they are faster and more comfortable than airplanes: no security checks, no check-in, nor baggage drop procedures.

In BizAway’s platform, you find various travel options with stations located all over Europe. In addition, you can choose among different fares—including the flexible ones that allow you to make changes, that is a crucial point during the Covid pandemic.

5. Compensate CO2 emissions

BizAway is the first platform with an automated tool that calculates the CO2 emissions offsetting, generated by business trips. This important achievement has been accomplished through the cooperation with Eden Reforestation Projectsa no-profit organization that is committed to fight poverty and pollution by creating new plantations of Mangrove in wide areas devastated by deforestation in Ethiopia, Madagascar, Nepal, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique and Kenya.

By booking through BizAway’s platform you can opt for donating a few cents to preserve the Planet’s health. Every 10 cents received, Eden Reforestation Projects will plant a Mangrove—a tree that during its lifetime can absorb as many CO2 emissions as in about three one-way flights of a single passenger between Venice and Barcelona.

In the last year, 60.000 mangroves have been planted and they absorbed over 18 million kilos of CO2. An achievement we are very proud of.

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