This Code of Ethics expresses the ethical commitments and responsibilities that shall be undertaken by all of BizAway’s collaborators in the conduction of the business and company activities, and under the legitimate interests of all shareholders.

BizAway’s vision is to become an alternative leader in the global market, offering a cutting-edge experience for the management of every stage of business travel— also thanks to its technological platform — and ensuring the highest possible satisfaction for all those involved in the usage and management of such services.


Our Solution-Focused Culture (corporate culture aimed at the identification of problems and their relevant solution) is based on the following main values:

  • Communication and Responsibility
  • Listening and Curiosity
  • Passion and Cooperation
  • Innovation and Impact
  • Humility and Service
  • Transparency and Integrity

Pursuant to and for the purposes of Legislative Decree 231/2001, the Customer undertakes, including for its directors, auditors, employees, and / or collaborators in general, to strictly comply with the rules contained in the Code of Ethics approved by BizAway S.r.l. SB and to model adopted pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 and available at the web page link below, fully accepting all the terms and conditions that he declares to be well aware of.

In case of violation of the Code of Ethics for conduct attributable to the Customer’s responsibility, BizAway S.r.l. SB may terminate by right and with immediate effect pursuant to art. 1456 of the civil code, the Contract by registered letter with return receipt, without prejudice to any other legal remedy, including the right to compensation for any damage suffered. The customer must substantially indemnify and hold BizAway harmless and for it, its successors in title, auditors, directors, employees and / or legal representatives from any claim, damage and / or request, including legal costs, that may be from third parties advanced in relation to any violations of the aforementioned Code of Ethics and / or the Organizational Model.  

Check our complete Code of Ethics at the following document: BizAway Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

00September 2018Luca Carlucci and Flavio Del Bianco per BizAway S.r.l.
01December 2019Luca Carlucci, Flavio Del Bianco and Antonio Carlucci per BizAway S.r.l.
02September 2020Luca Carlucci, Flavio Del Bianco and Antonio Carlucci per BizAway S.r.l.
03August 2021Luca Carlucci, Flavio Del Bianco and Antonio Carlucci for BizAway S.r.l. SB
04August 2022Luca Carlucci, Flavio Del Bianco, Antonio Carlucci and Carmela Chiara Imbrogiano per BizAway S.r.l. SB

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