Yesim is a mobile app that allows you to reliably connect to the internet worldwide. The service is based on eSIM technology and allows users to access the internet through local operators without having to pay additional roaming costs. Apart from this, your employees will have the opportunity to get a local virtual phone number to securely receive international SMS messages or messenger calls without having to provide a personal phone number.

The partnership between BizAway and Yesim empowers your employees with an efficient app to surf online without roaming costs and your company to save money on business trip phone connection expenses and instantly provide your team with eSIM profiles in several clicks. 

How does it work?

  • Ensure your phone supports eSIM technology (Check compatibility.)
  • Download the app and follow the on-screen instructions to install the eSIM profile.
  • Select your tariff plan based on the destination: Choose from single-country, regional data plans, or opt for the International eSIM to pay only for the data you use, independent of location.


  • High-speed Internet access worldwide
  • Virtual numbers
  • Access to a 5 euro (500 Ycoins) discount code for BizAway customers
  • Wide coverage in most countries of the world
  • Unlimited data plans and a wide range of regional solutions, including a special “Business Destinations” option
  • Secured connection and variety of top-up payment methods from bank transfers to crypto payments  
  • No need for a plastic SIM card or an overpayment for roaming

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