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VAT Recovery Impact

The applicability of such VAT regimes depends on various factors such as territoriality and the source of the relevant rate
(data updated as of February 1, 2024)


Flights: 10%
Trains: 10%
Stays: 10% 
Cars: 22%


Flights: 10%
Trains: 10%
Stays: 10% 
Cars: 21%


Flights: 19%
Trains: 7%
Stays: 7% 
Cars: 19%


Flights: 7%
Trains: 7%
Stays: 5% 
Cars: 0%


*The French regulations do not allow the reclaiming of VAT during business trips

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Business trips can be difficult, but with targeted solutions provided by BizAway, the VAT recovery process for your company becomes straightforward and efficient. Through a clear and detailed invoicing system, BizAway issues the necessary invoices to enable you to quickly and seamlessly recover VAT on your business trips. Take advantage of BizAway’s expertise to optimize business costs and ensure you get the maximum benefit from current tax regulations.

Take advantage of our VAT recovery benefits

Time savings

Business consulting

Up to 22% Recovery

Navigating the VAT Maze

These savings come with the challenge of navigating through a complex network of VAT laws that differ based on both country and service type, making it an annoying task for businesses.
Every step of the VAT recovery process poses its own challenges, making it difficult for companies to manage internally.

VAT on corporate travel expenses is not a “one-size-fits-all” situation. Depending on the country and service, your company may be eligible to recover varying percentages of VAT. Understanding what qualifies for VAT recovery is crucial. Not all travel expenses are eligible, and rates can vary widely.

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