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Everything under control for your company’s business travel! With BizAway you can set your company’s travel policy, customized fields and know where your business travellers are at all times.



The organization of business travel can be complex, the travel manager has to find the right balance between reducing costs and providing the right comfort for the traveller, setting a company travel policy to facilitate the processes.

Why BizAway:

Travel Policy

BizAway allows you to set your company’s travel policy directly from the platform so as to ensure that it is applied in a fully automated manner: the restrictions you choose, act as an alert to the user during the booking process and, if desired, can prevent finalization if these requirements are not observed.
Among the various settings, you can:

  • Set the maximum budget per person per trip;
  • Set a specific budget according to the type of travel (national, international);
  • Set the maximum budget according to the type of booking (for all or only some services);
  • Define restrictions for all users or only for specific groups of travellers;
  • Indicate how many days before departure users can book;
  • Indicate the allowed class of travel;
  • Set the minimum travel length for each class;
  • Set a maximum price depending on the duration of the trip.

Customizable fields

Do you need to add more information to some or all booking types or additional data to the user database? The customized fields have been designed specifically for these functions. These are adaptable descriptive elements that you can set as you wish and according to the organization of your company, e.g. you can:

  • Create a custom field relating to the department to which the user belongs or the project number for all bookings;
  • Choose the type of field you prefer from text input, data, selection from a list and multiple choice
  • Set the field as mandatory, exportable to CSV or filterable in lists.

Customer support 24/7

For any local emergency or every type of request, you can count on the responsiveness of our 24/7 multilingual support. Our business travel experts are available via chat, to help you in real time, and to provide a customized assistance.

Travel Risk Management

Risk management is a key topic for the travel manager: knowing where travellers are at any time is crucial to handling emergencies during the trip.
For this reason, BizAway has created a dynamic map that allows you to monitor the location of travellers both in real time and in perspective. In particular you will be able to:

  • Refine your search by filtering by booking type, traveller and country;
  • Access useful details to identify the traveller: full name, location, contact details and relevant bookings;
  • Filter by a specific time period in the past;
  • If you are interested in a specific location, simply click on the marker to view a summary of bookings

Travel agenda

It would be great to have all your business travel bookings in one place, wouldn’t it? BizAway allows you to group them in a travel agenda, giving you a clear overview of your itinerary. You can:

  • Choose the name of the trip and the users related to it;
  • Link an existing booking to a previously created travel agenda;
  • Consult the trip timeline, map and the complete list of bookings entered;
  • Associate a booking with a trip during the booking process;
  • Create a new travel agenda even while you are about to finalize your booking.


The travel manager can control all bookings using the approval system: when a user of a specific group makes a booking request, this is submitted for approval to a supervisor who decides if the booking is confirmed or not.

You can choose which groups will be subject to this process and which users will be part of them. In addition, thanks to the role system, you can assign approval to a specific user and enable or disable other platform functions.

As with the travel policy, the approval system is a totally customizable tool, designed by BizAway to match the company’s needs for different business trips.

Google and Microsoft sign in

If you have a Google or Microsoft company account, you can use it to register and log in to the platform.

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