It all adds up with BizAway: set billing profiles, receive invoices with personal frequency and expense reports.

Expense reimbursements will not be a problem anymore!

In the organization of your business trips, you no longer have to think about reimbursement!

With Bizaway you will no longer have to think about reimbursing your travelers, you will have integrated billing profiles, invoices with customizable frequency and monthly expense reports.

These are some of the tools to support the financial management of your business trips!

Payment method

BizAway allows you to choose the most convenient payment method for your company:

Credit card

Your booking will be paid immediately with the credit card you’ve already chosen or saved, or you can add new ones;


As well as for credit cards, the invoice will be paid immediately;

American Express – Business Travel Account (BTA)

If you are familiar with this payment method, with BizAway you can continue to optimize the procedures and to combined the travel expenses into a single bank account

Deferred payment with bank transfer

Due to the easy management and traceability, by choosing this payment method you don’t have to pay the invoice immediately. You will receive a monthly report including all invoices created the previous month. This report will be sent at the beginning of each month with all the information you need to proceed with payment.


If you already use this payment method, thanks to the integration with BizAway, you will be able to have travel expense payments and reconciliation procedures directly on the AirPlus platform.


With Hokodo, BizAway brings the flexibility of deferred payment to business travel. Clients can now enjoy payment terms of 30 days or at the end of the following month.

Why BizAway:

Invoicing profiles

According to your business needs, you can create unlimited billing profiles and addresses to associate your invoices with cost centres.

Invoicing frequency

BizAway allows your administration to choose the frequency with which you receive invoices for services purchased for your travels.
Thanks to an automatic generation process, you can choose among:

Invoicing per
each booking

you will receive an invoice for each booking that will be issued the day after the end of the free cancellation


you will receive an invoice per week containing all bookings made during that period of time


you will receive an invoice every two weeks with all bookings made during that period of time


at the beginning of the following month you will receive a single invoice containing all the reservations of the previous month

Travel policy

BizAway allows you to set the company travel policy directly on the platform in order to ensure its application in a automated way: you will find all the selected parameters in your invoices and reports

Invoice report

Through the BizAway platform you can download reports in CSV format for each booking type. In addition, by setting filters such as the traveller’s name or invoice profile, you will be able to receive detailed lists of bookings containing the selected parameters.

Assistance 24/7

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