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A first approach to the platform was enough to realise how easy and intuitive its usage can be — this is something fundamental, allowing us to manage our offices in Spain and the United States by having multiple billing profiles stored within the platform.

Tanja Commike, Executive Assistant and Administrative Coordinator

Why BizAway?

Intuitive platform
High savings
Outstanding customer care
Financial control

A better future for the readers of tomorrow

Worldreader is a non-profit organization promoting reading programmes in more than 47 developing countries. Since its founding in 2010, it has reached over 10 million readers, significantly contributing to their education and making it possible for them to hope for a better future. Worldreader offers a variety of digital reading products to meet readers anywhere in the world, and their sources are all provided by local editors. In doing so, and through a sustainable approach to reading, the organization helps to preserve culture in every country. Tanja Commike, Executive Assistant and Administrative Coordinator for Worldreader, is extremely happy with BizAway, starting from its customer care: “BizAway provides for 5-stars customer service. There is always someone ready to help and go the extra mile for us!

Customer care tailored to your needs

The optimisation and streamlining of Worldreader’s travel flow were made possible also thanks to a team of business travel experts — one of the major advantages of the platform, according to Tanja. Particularly, she has appreciated the help of our agents when having to deal with group bookings, which can be a real challenge. Forget about having to deal with last-minute airport transfers – our team will have that sorted for you.

Cutting on travel expenses is now possible

Being a non-profit organisation, savings are our main concern and we always pay particular attention to our expenses – explains Tanja – from the very beginning we were struck by the huge amount of money we were able to save by booking through BizAway. Now, I could not do without them anymore”. By booking through the platform, Worldreader has managed to achieve an average saving of 18% on their bookings. How do they know it? Thanks to a sophisticated algorithm, the system automatically calculates the average saving for all bookings, making this figure available to those who like keeping an eye on their finances — just like Tanja does.