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At BizAway, we align on the principles of swift execution, meticulous attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to delivering the best experience for both users and clients. The logical progression might involve extending these principles to benefit our customers as well.”

Alessandro Zanchetton, Managing Director

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One plug&play solution and the need to make processes scalable

WeRoad is a tour operator that offers trips and adventures around the world in small groups. Their trips are designed for small groups of strangers, ranging from 25 to 45 years old, led by a travel coordinator who is selected and trained by WeRoad for the role.

Implementing BizAway has allowed us to have a plug&play solution to quickly scale a process that is really core for us as a tour operator,” explains Alessandro Zanchetton, Managing Director of WeRoad.

We introduced BizAway after an in-depth market study. We needed to make our transfer purchasing process and all the logistics of the coordinators scalable, before and after our trips. Every year, in fact, we launch thousands of trips, and manual searching for flights, trains, and hotels had become really unsustainable,” continues Danae Magurno, Account Manager APAC at WeRoad.

Thanks to BizAway, WeRoad has been able to maintain strong control over the transfer budget while simultaneously having a software customized to their needs.


Centralization of the purchasing process

Thanks to bookings through the BizAway platform, WeRoad can centralize the purchasing process for the coordinators’ travels while also giving them autonomy, making it much faster and scalable.

Among the main advantages of BizAway, we find constant support from customer care and a streamlined and centralized transfer purchasing process, the possibility to set travel policies that allow us to monitor bookings, and the ability to have a history that allows us to analyze total expenses by destination,” explains Danae Magurno. “This is because, given how our business is developed, we needed to give autonomy in bookings while respecting budgets we have for each destination.

Given this need, BizAway has helped WeRoad develop ad hoc travel policies and set specific budgets for destinations and certain periods.

The independence in bookings has been perceived as a plus by the community of coordinators.