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We are satisfied because BizAway helped us simplify all travel management. Elena Marognoli, Administrative Employee

Why BizAway?

All-in-one solution
Travel policy
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A full range of heating and air conditioning systems

Viessman Group is the world leader in the production of both residential and industrial heating-, refrigerating- and air conditioning systems. The full range of products employs all kinds of energy sources: wood, gas, sun, gasoil and natural heat originating from the air, the water and the earth. Established in1917, Viessman Group – among its core values – retains sustainability, a source of inspiration for the research of environmentally-friendly innovative solutions.

Viessmann Italy, with over 200 employees across the national territory, was looking for an optimal solution about travel management. Thanks to BizAway, the company can now use an entire customizable platform. Hereunder Elena Marognoli – administrative employee – and Paolo Girardi – Chief of Administration—outline the main advantages of it.

Easy and quick all-in-one solution

BizAway platform is a real all-in-one solution: Viessman Italy could book, retrieve the invoices for all services, forward special requests and set the preferred payment methods within a single platform. The booking process as well as the entire use of the platform are extremely easy and this allowed a significant time saving in travel management. Viessman Italy also experienced a cost saving of 20% compared to the market prices. All made possible by exclusive agreements with trusted providers that at the same time also increase the range of products offered by BizAway. Not only for hotels, flights, parking and long-stay apartments “[…] we use BizAway for train tickets and short-term car rental too” explains Paolo Girardi.

Automated travel policies to comply with the budget

Complying with the travel policies is crucial for Viessmann Italy – underlines Elena Marognoli: “We use BizAway to ensure compliance with our company policy, which provides two authorization steps”. The platform indeed allows to set specific limitations for each booking type: minimum number of stars for hotels and maximum budget per person per flight are just a few examples. The authorization mechanism can then be set in multiple levels and allows to automatically block all bookings that do not comply with the travel policy criteria. In this way Viessman can finally have full control on bookings and travel expenses.