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We have decided to join BizAway for the improved experience it could give to our team: a one-stop shop where everyone can shape their travel needs in an extremely flexible way.

Alessandro Braga, Chief Digital Officer

Why BizAway?

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Coworking; an engine for innovation

Talent Garden was founded in 2011 giving shape to an idea by Davide Dattoli: to create a physical space for digital innovators. In a few years’ time, this idea has turned into the biggest European coworking network and educational institute for the digital and tech community, with over 23 campuses in 7 countries (Italy, Denmark, Ireland, Austria, Spain, Romania and Lithuania). Real working spaces open 24/7, all campuses are well equipped with workstations, offices, meeting rooms, laboratories and more. Talking numbers? Talent Garden hosts a community of over 4.500 digital professionals — 1.700 are the industry-driven events held to promote innovation while over 2000 students have been trained through their educational institute. The company claims to be very satisfied with BizAway and their Chief Digital Officer, Alessandro Braga, can vouch for that.

Business travel simplified with just one tool

Talent Garden hosts a whole community with the daily commitment of developing new technologies, thus promoting change and innovation. Travelling is fundamental for the whole team, and its management needs to be fast and efficient. Thanks to BizAway, this is now possible: travellers at Talent Garden now have all their services booked in a few clicks, and constant access to reports and invoices in just one platform“Not only that — underlines Alessandro Braga — their outstanding customer service is always ready to support and guide our employees through every step of their journey”.

We are planning to extend the same conditions and support provided by BizAway to all our coworkers for their own personal travel.

Alessandro Braga, Chief Digital Officer

Custom fields for tailor-made bookings

Amongst the suite of tailored functionalities developed by BizAway are our custom fields, conceived thanks to all the valuable feedback received from Talent Garden. This feature makes it possible to add any extra useful information within all bookings — no more time wasted on chasing information: Talent Garden finally has every booking linked to the relevant department, gaining full control over their corporate trips.

Choosing the most competitive solutions

With BizAway, Talent Garden has been able to save an average of 18%: “Competitiveness plays a fundamental role in nowadays market — says Alessandro Braga — besides, the business model adopted by BizAway is an undoubtedly winning one: the more you spend, the more you save“. Talent Garden has gained full control over their travel management while keeping an eye on finances and expenses. Everything with just one tool.