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Thanks to BizAway, our company has enjoyed a boost in productivity. Our trips are all set, and we have more time to focus on our business development.

Juan Zamora, Cofounder and CEO

Why BizAway?

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Legally binding E-signatures

With its headquarter in Barcelona, Signaturit was founded in 2013 by Juan Zamora (CEO) and Javier Martínez (CTO). Their mission? To provide the leading technology for the creation of legally binding electronic signatures, making contracts and documents easy to sign from any device.

The company currently counts more than 1.500 clients coming from 40 different countries worldwide, and is facing an annual growth of 100% every year — a figure that surely gets them closer to their dream of “becoming a European market leader”, as told by Juan Zamora.  Paula Ferrer — Executive assistant to the CEO and responsible for the management of his agenda— works next to a team of over 44 employees, each of them playing a key role in the company’s business development.

A big part of my role includes managing the CEO travel schedule. Up until now, searching and booking the best options for him could turn into a very time-consuming task — it would take me several hours of browsing through multiple consumer websites, plus, it meant having to keep track of every booking manually. BizAway has become a key instrument of my daily routine, allowing me to have it all sorted through one single tool, thus, having more time to devote to other tasks. And not only that — all bookings are available with just one click, and prices couldn’t be more competitive.

The best business travel assistant

Due to her role, Paula has been using BizAway since the very beginning, seeing the real potential behind it. What I like the most is its simplicity, and how intuitive everything is. There have been times when the management of business travel took most of my working day. Not anymore, since I am with BizAway”.

15% of average saving on hotel bookings

Since they started using the platform, in March 2019, people at Adsmurai have booked 172 hotels, saving a good 15% compared to the market price. A figure which can only but grow in the next future. In addition to the important savings, Javier Martínez underlines the importance of having a centralised invoicing system, streamlining and optimising the company financial management.

Flexibility and travel policies implementation

This is BizAway: an entirely flexible and adaptable tool. Suffice it to say, travel policies can be adjusted at one’s convenience — as was the case for Signaturit, needing all employees to be able to book for themselves. To do so, every team member has a profile available within the platform, with every role well determined, enabling each of them to freely book their next travel and stay within the implemented policy. Once again, this feature proves that BizAway is the ultimate and easiest tool for your business travel needs, also counting with a team of travel experts always ready to deal with any of your questions and concerns via chat or through our emergency line.

BizAway's potential for personal travels

Not only business travel — Signaturit wants to extend the advantages of booking through the platform to all of their team members. Once the COVID-19 threat will be over, personal bookings will be available to all employees, along with our optimized search tool and a dedicated customer care they can always count on.

We genuinely believe that the crisis brought by COVID-19 will soon be over, adding new challenges and opportunities to the ones that were already in place. This is why once we get back to normality, we want our employees to have the chance to enjoy the perks of BizAway even for their personal travels. This way, it can only be a win-win for both Signaturit and the whole team.

Juan Zamora, Cofounder and CEO