Rizzani De Eccher

Umberto De Eccher, HR and Organization Director


Pozzuolo del Friuli (IT)




15 countries

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One of the main advantages comes from their customer service — always responsive and adaptable to the needs of an international firm like ours.

Umberto De Eccher, HR and Organization Director

Why BizAway?

Centralised invoicing
Outstanding customer care
High savings
Travel policy

Building to perfection, in Italy and abroad

Rizzani De Eccher is a general contracting company belonging to the De Eccher Group. Professionalism, dynamism and flexibility are the keys to their success, allowing them to deal with complex and articulated projects, from general building to infrastructure. With 4000 employees and multiple branches across 15 countries, Rizzani De Eccher can count with a wide range of customers worldwide.   

We are constantly looking for new and dynamic solutions to optimise our travel management — a real challenge for such a wide Group” underlines Umberto de Eccher, HR and Organization Director. “Thanks to BizAway we have been able to simplify business travel through their all-in-one tool, and have time to better focus on our business”. 

All your invoices in one place

According to Umberto De Eccher: “The first advantage is indeed their dynamic and centralized invoice management system.” Sure enough, being able to easily trace every invoice without having to chase for hundreds of suppliers and facilities, their administrative department can now breathe a sigh of relief.

Customer care anytime, anywhere

Another important feature is their customer support — a multilingual team available 24/7 via chat, phone or email means not having to worry about the different time zones and opening times of all our branches across the world. Whether it is a technical issue or some last-minute accident, thanks to their Business Travel Experts team we have got that covered.