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BizAway has exceeded all expectations. Their tool has given autonomy to our teams, something we have been trying to reach over the past years. Thanks to BizAway, we know we are saving an average of 25% on flight tickets and hotel bookings compared to the market price.

Leonel Lobao, Commercial Director

Why BizAway?

Outstanding customer care
Personal booking
Centralised invoicing
Tailored features

Healthcare specialists

Perrigo is one of the top 5 OTC healthcare products manufacturers worldwide and the leading supplier for OTC brands throughout Europe and the United States. It is present in more than 80 markets, employing more than 10.000 people. Their commitment is to provide their consumers with safe and effective products to support their health and well-being.  

Perrigo España belongs to the Consumer Self-Care International division, dealing with the development, manufacture, marketing and distribution of popular European self-care brands such as XLS Medical, Relec, Farmatint, Bronchostop and Paranix.

Autonomous travellers make more productive companies

Starting from January 2018, Perrigo has decided to leave their travel management in our hands.

Among the duties of a travel manager is to ensure that every traveller stays within the company travel policies. Through its technology, BizAway provides built-in policies leaving your travellers free to book for themselves. “In the past, we were required to use dedicated resources to support our travellers in the management of their bookings. Since the introduction of BizAway we were able to reallocate and make better use of our resources, thus saving a significant amount of money” explains Maria Escamilla, Digital and e-commerce director.

A maximisation of the internal resources management is made possible by a completely autonomous booking system and a wide range of customisable features which can be tailored to fit every business’ needs. 

Outstanding customer care

Any doubt or question can easily be handled by the traveller himself through the customer service — thus allowing to cut all the unnecessary communication between departments. Maria Escamilla concludes by declaring: “To me, one of the main advantages of being with BizAway is, indeed, support you can count on 24/7. Their chat tool enables all users to reach for help without having to consult our internal resources, hence making a very positive impact on the way we manage business travel”.