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“BizAway’s platform has proven to be fully customizable based on our specific business needs, allowing us to achieve significant savings in terms of both time and costs. Thanks to BizAway, our business travel has become more efficient and affordable than ever before.”
Federica Raglione, Travel Specialist

Why BizAway?

24/7 assistance
Time savings
Intuitive platform

Global Player in the Energy Sector

NHOA is a global player in energy storage, electric mobility, and fast and ultra-fast charging networks for electric vehicles. With several offices around the world (France, Spain, USA, and Australia), it keeps the research, development, and production of its technologies in Italy.
The NHOA group is organized into 3 global business lines:

  • NHOA Energia
  • Free2move eSolutions
  • Atlante

The need to digitize the processes

Before BizAway, during the pre-pandemic period, the company relied on an external traditional agency for travel management, which was contacted through their travel manager based on specific needs.

However, there was a general dissatisfaction with different issues, such as:

  • Poor integration of the agency activities with Nhoa’s  internal systems (requiring multiple manual tasks)
  • Lack of prompt response from the agency to booking requests.
  • Difficulties in managing business travelers: some were autonomous, some were not
  • Challenges in handling travel-related changes (cancellations, strikes, policy changes)
  • Lack of travel support and absence of support outside agency hours

BizAway allowed the company to achieve a high level of platform customization, enabling the digitalization of many of the manual processes and resolving all these issues. In fact, NHOA was able to:

  • Implement filters for bookings based on the company’s travel policy
  • Define approval workflows
  • Establish a dynamic approval workflow based on project/assignment/cost center
  • Manage traveler activity by assigning roles and applying limitations and preferences for each work group
  • Group multiple bookings into a single agenda
  • Choose which custom fields to create based on the company’s structure
  • Have a dedicated 24/7 assistance service
  • Have access to a Travel Risk Management tool
  • Calculate CO2 emissions generated by travelers’ bookings and offset them through collaboration with Eden Reforestation Projects

The revolution in the business travel management

The introduction of BizAway’s digital solution has helped NHOA revolutionize the management of business travel.
Through automation of activities, the company was able to eliminate cumbersome processes such as the need to exchange emails with their agency (resulting in an 89% cost savings for this activity).

Research and bookings are now autonomous and can take advantage of a big inventory of services. Additionally,  to ensure the safety of travelers on business trips, BizAway provided travel support by integrating the systems of the information providing company that NHOA relies on.

The use of the platform has also allowed for better expense management, with automatic invoice generation reducing the cost of this activity by 90%.

In terms of service costs, NHOA has benefited from lower hotel rates with an average savings of 9% compared to major online platforms, and reduced agency commissions resulting in a 30% cost savings.

In conclusion, the adoption of BizAway’s digital solution has enabled NHOA to save time, money, and resources, improving traveler autonomy and simplifying the booking process, resulting in a savings of €130,000 in the first year.

Learn more about NHOA’s digitalization of business travel management processes here.