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BizAway has significantly improved our business travel management because the platform not only is very intuitive but also has a very proactive and attentive 24/7 customer service”

Why BizAway?

Personal bookings
Customer service 24/7
High savings
Approval flow

Over 20 years of experience in energy consulting: an international success

Mercados Aries International is a company operating in the energy sector with over twenty years of experience in the field of consultancy. With more than 100 skilled professionals and a highly strategic vision, Mercados Aries International has implemented 1,500 projects in 130 countries around the world. The company is part of the Spanish Renewable Energy Association and it is actively engaged in environmental sustainability and fight for social equality.

Why did we choose BizAway? – explains Beatriz Burgos, Logistics Manager of Mercados Aries International- Before we had a person dedicated exclusively to travel management but we wanted to centralise everything on a single platform that would thus give autonomy to users so that both external partners and employees themselves could manage all the logistics of their trips by themselves “.

Saving is not the only advantage

By booking business trips through the BizAway platform, Mercados Aries International was able to benefit from an average saving of 25% compared to the market price for the same bookings. But the advantages do not end here, because thanks to the multilingual customer service reachable by H24, travellers of Marcados Aries International can ask for support even after office hours and wherever they are. The team of business travel experts responds in real time and intervenes promptly even in case of emergencies.

The ease of use of the BizAway platform is another strong point found by Mercados Aries International. This allowed each employee to book independently while respecting the company travel policy: with the personalised configuration of the approval flows, in fact, Beatriz maintains total control over all company trips, in compliance with the budget and the parameters set for each type of booking and department.

Offset the co2 emissions of business travel

Mercados Aries International has become a “green” account having joined the no profit Eden Reforestation Projects initiative for offsetting CO2 emissions. Thanks to donations made through the BizAway platform, the company has helped reduce poverty and restore the health of forests in Ethiopia, Madagascar, Nepal, Haiti and other countries prone to deforestation. Eden Reforestation Projects employs local villagers who plant millions of mangroves each year that are capable of absorbing over 308 kg of CO2 over their lifetime.

In recent months Mercados Aries International – continues Beatriz – has helped plant 335 trees through donations on BizAway, we are very proud of this participation”.