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BizAway has made it possible for our sales consultants to manage their own trips — something unconceivable with our previous means. We have gained both time and money, which can now be devoted to our core business.

Daniel Díez, General director

Why BizAway?

High savings
Centralised invoicing
Book on your own

Next-level dental implantology since 1987

Klockner is the leading Spanish implantology firm, helping dentists achieve excellence in implant treatments since its foundation in 1987. With over 1.300.000 implants sold, the company has always been committed to research and development, working next to more than 20 university clinics. Klockner boasts more than 120 scientific publications from trade journals and 4 professorships in the university campuses of Madrid, Barcelona, Catalonia and Seville.

Their General director, Daniel Díez, is particularly satisfied with BizAway: “We were convinced to switch to BizAway when they came to see us and explain their project — it didn’t take long before we realised how much we share in terms of values. A cutting-edge company with our same thirst for innovation is precisely what we were looking to find”.

Freedom to book with no intermediaries

“Before joining BizAway, we were using an agency — explains Daniel Díez — which meant adding an extra workload to our travel managers, also preventing our sales consultants from managing their bookings”. Through the platform provided by BizAway, all our employees have been able to manage their own business trips without the need to involve third parties or travel agencies. Forget having to wait forever to receive a satisfactory quotation: a few clicks are all it takes to have your next booking confirmed, with no surprises.

High savings and simplified invoicing

For such a firm, with an average of almost 1000 trips involving over than 200 employees every year, being able to simplify the processes that lie behind the management of business travel is a real game-changer — not to mention a concrete 23% of savings every year and an “invoices and reports” dedicated section containing anything your administrative department needs to have their financial checks carried out — each invoice will automatically disclose important details such as the name of the traveller, the price for the purchase, the project number or the relevant billing profile.