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We have realized that organizing all flights and logistics on our own would have involved considerable time and costs. Luckily we have been helped by BizAway, a very reliable partner that greatly simplified the management of the event.

Daniel Weston, ECN Founder

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Cricket tournaments all over Europe to promote cricket as first summer sport

European Cricket Network (ECN) is the European cricket Champions League taking care of the organization of tournaments across Europe. The association aims to promote cricket as new summer sport where it is little known, by inspiring and motivating the younger generations to become the new and passionate players of tomorrow.

The European Cricket League – which in 2019 has been extraordinarily successful – is the first great project of ECN. The tournament has been broadcast in live streaming in 120 Countries, keeping over 140 million families glued to the screen.

In order to organize this exciting event, Daniel Weston – founder of European Cricket Network – turned to BizAway for the travel management of all the 8 participating teams as well as the whole ECN crew.

Zero stress for the group travel management

“It was very important for us to have a well-structured process available in order to book our flights and coordinate all travellers: the operational staff, the cricketers, the coaches and the managers from all over Europe” – explains Daniel. Thanks to BizAway, ECN spared all the stress related to the group travel organization. The counselling of agents specialised in the management of major events has been crucial in defining the various European Cricket League steps, as they provided the most suitable travel solutions to the various teams and staff involved.

Thanks to BizAway agreements with the airlines and their fixed prices, ECL had huge savings on the overall costs of the event (16% less compared to the market prices for the same services).

Constant support during any stage of the event

Working with a trusted travel partner is essential for the success of an event, especially when – like ECN – you have peculiar needs such as last minute bookings, addition of extra baggage & cricket equipment and post booking management.

BizAway closely followed any stage of the event, raising to Daniel any logistic concern: “Doing it all by ourselves would have been a real nightmare”.

By the very nature of great events, the unexpected is always around the corner, but thanks to BizAway’s prompt support, every issue got sorted: BizAway helped us on many occasions, anytime, making sure that we could get on the next flight available and so guaranteeing that all people would timely be in the right place”, points out Daniel.

Travelling safely during COVID-19 time

In 2020 ECN hosted events across 24 Countries and had to face all the issues caused by the pandemic. BizAway has been actively supporting the travellers in order to provide them with the most updated information about health protocols concerning Covid-19 control.

“Being able to rely on a partner in permanent touch with airports & airlines – who is always up-to-date on ever-changing safety regulations – has been invaluable to us. Thanks to this, we could concentrate on what we do best, delegating the rest to BizAway”.