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We have a firsthand view of all the benefits brought to our company since we started working with BizAway. Having all business trips gathered in one platform is priceless.

Timo Buetefisch, Founder and CEO

Why BizAway?

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Going places made it easier... on two wheels!

Cooltra is the leading scooter rental company in Europe — their fleet counts with over 17.000 brand-new scooters and more than a hundred rental points all around Spain, Italy, France and Portugal. With an annual turnover of 40 million Euros, scooter rental services and last-mile delivery stand at the core of its business — always intending to promote a dynamic and flexible solution to move around the city.

“An entire range of services at our disposal, from hotels to flights, without having to browse through hundreds of providers. With BizAway we have it all sorted” explains Timo Buetefisch, CEO and founder of Cooltra.

Full financial control and centralised invoice system

For Timo, one of the crucial aspects of successful travel management is being able to supervise all expenses: “With BizAway we gained total control on our travel expenses, and have every invoice easily linked to the relevant cost centre”. Thanks to its “Invoices and reports” dedicated section, the platform allows you to add any useful reference to each invoice, taking headaches finally off your accounting department.

Significant savings on your travel expenses

Sticking to a budget can turn into a very complicated task. Thanks to BizAway and its platform, Cooltra has been able to save significant amounts of money: with the 19% of average saving per year, “[…] we know we are getting the best possible rates on all bookings made through the platform” says Timo.

I personally book for my business trips, and the whole process is easy and enjoyable. At Cooltra, we are glad that we trusted BizAway for the management of our business travel and will never look back again.

Timo Buetefisch, Founder and CEO