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BizAway is part of BDO’s corporate welfare, meaning that all of our employees and collaborators can enjoy using the platform not only at work but in their personal life, thus extending its advantages to their family and friends.
Simone Del Bianco, Managing Partner

Why BizAway?

Personal bookings
24/7 customer service
High savings
Intuitive platform

Worldwide company advisory for over 50 years

BDO is an international network of independent companies providing professional advisory services since 1963. With over 1.650 offices worldwide and 91.000 professionals, in 2020 BDO has reached a turnover of US$10,3 billion, and it was twice awarded the IAB Network of the year prize. Simone Del Bianco, the Managing Partner of BDO Italy, has chosen BizAway for the travel management of over 900 partners moving throughout the whole country.

24/7 customer service, guaranteed!

“BizAway’s real innovation lies in their technology platform, which provides for 24/7 customer support  — explains Simone Del Bianco — a crucial aspect for our professionals, travelling day and night throughout the Italian territory”. Thanks to BizAway’s customer service, BDO can count on real-time assistance through a direct and immediate chat tool: business travel experts are always ready to answer and solve any problem.

BizAway contributes to the corporate welfare

BizAway has become an integral part of BDO’s corporate welfare by enabling all users to the “personal booking” feature: employees and company collaborators can book for private holidays and weekend breaks, without missing out on BizAway’s exclusive rates and advantages.

The most affordable compared to its competitors

“Some time ago we decided to change our business travel provider and turned to BizAway: this was an undoubtedly winning choice” — says Del Bianco — “also considering their competitive rates. Since it started using BizAway, BDO could save an average of 26% compared to the market price.”

Data from the Business Travel Observatory (a partnership between the Osservatorio Innovazione Digitale nel Turismo del Politecnico di Milano and the University of Bologna,) showed that the introduction of a digital TMC such as BizAway enabled BDO to implement the following functions in addition to booking:

  • Creation of booking filters with limitations linked to travel policies
  • Definition of approval flows by monitoring and approving all bookings
  • Management of user activity by assigning roles and applying limits and preferences to each working group
  • Grouping of all bookings with the travel itinerary function 
  • Creation of customized fields according to the company structure
  • 24/7 support

The adoption of this digitized system has changed the way all business travel management activities are carried out:

  • Travelers’ documents are stored into the platform
  • Availability of a single inventory for all your bookings
  • Expense data is automatically entered into the platform 
  • Accounting reports are available in real time allowing for greater financial control
  • Administration and accounting can access documents automatically

As a result, BDO has seen a saving of over €165,000 on bookings in a standard year compared to the pre-digitisation period and a saving of €25,000 on the fees that were previously charged on each booking.

Read the full study on the digitisation of BDO’s business travel management processes by the Business Travel Observatory here.