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In AzzurroDigitale we have been using BizAway for the past two years. This quick and and user friendly travel management tour allow us to save a lot of money everyday.

Lara Ranzato, Product Manager

Why BizAway?

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AzzurroDigitale, the consulting company that aids in digital transformation

AzzurroDigitale assists manufacturing companies in their digital transformation within the operations realm. Their digital lean solution, the Advanced Workforce Management System, utilizes advanced algorithms based on machine learning, allowing for real-time factory worker planning while respecting the skills, limitations, and restrictions of the workers, thereby streamlining the organization.

The initial challenge

Before adopting BizAway, AzzurroDigitale faced a series of challenges related to corporate travel that compromised its efficiency and operational agility.

In particular, manual invoice management involved a high workload and increased the risk of errors, as it required considerable time and resources to be accurately executed. Additionally, the manual procedure for bookings could lead to delays and misunderstandings, potentially resulting in negative impacts on corporate planning and budgets.

Another significant obstacle was the high costs associated with last-minute cancellations management, which often occurred in unforeseen situations and made it difficult to reduce financial losses. These overall issues limited AzzurroDigitale’s ability to quickly adapt to changing business needs and ensure optimal management of corporate travel.

A winning partnership through digitalization

For AzzurroDigitale, digitalization is a fundamental part of their modus operandi, and it is this element, combined with their frequency in business travel, that made BizAway emerge as the ideal partner for managing corporate travel. The choice of BizAway is based on three key points:

  • It offers cost-effective solutions with high returns, allowing for the rapid identification of the best prices for accommodations and transportation, often with exclusive offers.
  • It proposes an automated billing system, perfectly aligned with current regulations, thus simplifying administrative management.
  • It ensures considerable flexibility, allowing for cancellations of bookings up to a few hours before departure, thanks to the Bizzyflex service.

Over time, AzzurroDigitale has reaffirmed its choice of BizAway as the ideal partner for business travel, recognizing a shared goal in enhancing the customer experience through process simplification.

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