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For the first time in our history, we can finally enjoy an all-in-one solution, capable of centralizing all bookings made from the variety of our teams working both within the Spanish territory and all across the world.

Jaume Puig, Financial director

Why BizAway?

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Beyond the rules of social media marketing

Adsmurai is a technology start-up founded in 2014. The company has developed a tool – an actual software – aimed at the streamlining and automation of marketing campaigns on social media and it is one of the first in Spain to have been rewarded with the official Facebook Marketing Partner certification, as an acknowledgement of its innovative approach to the challenges of the digital world. A team of more than 100 experts with the daily commitment of identifying the right marketing strategies for each business. To do so, Adsmurai needs its employees to be present not only within the Spanish territory but also abroad — to build long-lasting relationships with all clients and take part in social media gatherings and conventions. BizAway is the ultimate solution for the management of their business trips according to the financial Director of Adsmurai, Jaume Puig, who is now free to focus on the real core of the business.

Business travel management all-in-one place

Europe, Spain and the United States are just some of the destinations reached by Adsmurai. The company was looking for an easy and functional way to manage business trips. Thanks to BizAway, Jaume and his colleagues now have their bookings sorted for hotels, flights, trains and car rentals — and all through one single platform. Being able to finally gather different types of bookings and have them all grouped in one place is one of the main advantages that BizAway has brought to their business.

Save time and money...guaranteed!

“Thanks to BizAway, not only did we gain in efficiency and time, but we have enjoyed a net saving of around 27% on our travel expenses over the past 7 months” states Adsmurai’s financial director. For those like Jaume — having to deal every day with the financial aspects of a business — being able to gain full control over our travel expenses, and having all invoices always at hand, has been a huge relief. “We can finally benefit from a global overview of our booking flow — with so many employees traveling between three different countries, this is something vital for us. Now, we always know who is travelling and where. Our monthly expenses are under control and we are constantly updated on the savings achieved by booking through the platform”.