Riskline is a travel risk management platform that provides risk assessment for hundreds of destinations around the world.
They keep track of every hour of the day:

  • political crises
  • security issues
  • travel news

Their service provides instant alerts if critical situations arise and subsequent monitoring notifications signaling further developments.
On a daily basis, they keep track of the most important developments via media and social media feeds around the world.
They track travel alerts from various governments and bulletins from law enforcement, emergency services, security forces, and authorized government humanitarian agencies.
Their methodology is to recognize risk management procedures based on 5 levels of severity:

  • very low
  • low
  • moderate
  • medium
  • high


BizAway and Riskline for travel risk management

By partnering with Riskline, you will have access to intelligence regarding the health, socio-political and natural risks your employees are exposed to.
The duty of care feature, combined with the travel risk management feature, allows you to find a map on the platform that shows you in real time where all your employees are, which ones are traveling and which ones are not.

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