Are you looking for an apartment for stays longer than 14 nights or do you need a visa?

BizAway offers you this and much more to make your business trips 100% complete.

Our partners

We have selected the best partners in each sector to guarantee our customers a wide range of services according to their specific needs.

In this way you will have everything you need to organize your business travel at your fingertips.

Thanks to our partnership with Riskline you will always know where your employees are during the travel!

In our platform you will find a map that shows you in real time where all your employees are, which ones are travelling and which ones are not.

Furthermore, in case of danger, Riskline has an alert service that warns travellers, specifying the situation and the gravity of the danger they may run into at that moment or in that particular country.

Are you looking for a scooter to get around the city? You can rent it through BizAway and take advantage of the exclusive 10% discount that Cooltra has reserved for our customers.
In this way, you will be more respectful of the environment and, at the same time, you will travel around the city with maximum agility!

Cooltra was founded in Barcelona in 2006 to offer a sustainable mobility service on two wheels. In just a few years it has developed a fleet of more than 17,000 scooters (56% electric) and opened more than 100 rental points across Europe

Eden Reforestation Projects is BizAway’s sustainability partner: this non-profit organization is actively involved in the  fight against poverty and pollution by creating new mangrove plantations in large areas devastated by deforestation in Ethiopia, Madagascar, Nepal, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique and Kenya.

By booking from our platform with a Green account, for every €0.10 donated, Eden Reforestation Projects will plant a mangrove. This tropical tree has been chosen for its extraordinary ability to absorb CO2. The mangrove is able to remove over 308 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere in 25 years, on an average of 12.3 kg per year per tree.

Soldo is a system that allows you to manage your company’s expenses all in one: it is based on prepaid employee cards, mobile app and web monitoring console.  

Combined with BizAway, it allows real-time control on expenses and automated reconciliation  with your accounting software, thanks also to its payment cards. With these cards you can purchase directly  with company funds, in this way you can control the expenses of the employees and of the company, ensuring maximum supervision and absolute security.

TeamSystem with its HR Suite is fully compatible and integrated with BizAway to meet all the needs of your company.

Besides the business management, marketing, e-invoicing, e-signature and credit transfer services, thanks to TeamSystem HR you will have under control all the expenses of your business travels, with maximum savings and an excellent experience due to the BizAway solution.

Both solutions are accessible from anywhere and cover all operational demands because of their direct access to BizAway, also with the Single Sign On of TeamSystem HR.

Thanks to our partnership with Homelike, the largest online marketplace for long stay in apartment for business travelers you can feel at home in every place. You’ll have access to over 60,000 solutions in more than 400 European cities.

Homelike was created to meet the demand for this type of accommodation from managers, professionals, employees and trainees from all over the world. Each apartment is submitted to a strict review to ensure high standards in terms of quality, service, size and location.

We know how stressful it can be to look for a parking during your trip, especially if you have a business meeting or an important appointment. It won’t be a problem anymore! Thanks to the collaboration between BizAway and Parclick you can easily book your parking in advance. In this way you will not only save up to 20 minutes of your time, but you will also contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions due to car travel.

Parclick is Europe’s leading online parking reservation provider with access to 350.000 parking spaces located in over 2.000 parking lots in more than 250 European cities.

Thanks to our partner Ambimed, you can access to different tests for COVID-19 diagnosys, such as:  PCR test, rapid antigen tests and serological test. Ambimed  guarantee you a result within 24-48 hours before departure, in full compliance with the requirements of the specific country of destination.

Ambimed is a company specialized in health services dedicated to the safety of private travellers and corporate employees travelling abroad. Since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, Ambimed has been at the side of our customers providing timely, consistent and updated information.

Was the passenger grounded due to overbooking, delay or because the flight was cancelled? Don’t worry: BizAway can handle your request for compensation from the airline. Thanks to the collaboration with Skycop, we can verify that there are all the conditions to obtain it by following a precise and linear management process.

Skycop has more than ten years experience in compensation management with a team of certified professionals and experts in the legal, financial and aviation sectors.

Are you planning a business trip overseas and don’t know what travel documents you need? BizAway has established a partnership with CIBT Visas, the largest and most consolidated travel visa and passport company in the world. You don’t have to worry about anything, we will take care of all the necessary information to get the visa for your business travel.

CIBT Visas uses a global database for fast tracking of specific requirements for travelers of any nationality to enter in over 200 countries. Management efficiency is guaranteed by more than 1500 specialists who examine each application before submitting it to the embassy.

Echevarne is our Spanish partner thanks to which you will have access to diagnostic tests for the confirmation of COVID-19 infection at a discounted price.

Possible tests:

  • PCR test (result in 24 hours)
  • rapid antigen tests (result in 20 min)
  • serological tests (result in 24h)
  • IgM / IgG Serology (result in 24h)
  • rapid serological tests (result in 15 min)

Echevarne is a laboratory with more than 60 years of experience offering clinical testing, clinical trials, anatomic pathology, veterinary and industrial testing services.

Rydoo is a leading business expense solution that automates and streamlines processes to save time and reducing friction when expensing a cab from the airport or a lunch with clients. BizAway has been certified by Rydoo as to be sure that the two systems work perfectly in combination with BizAway satisfying all the travel needs e Rydoo reconciliation the relative business expenses.

Emburse Captio provides businesses with a more effective way of tracking and reporting company expenses. Expense reports can be generated and sent with a smartphone; thanks to Captio, the control and management of your team’s expenses can be fully automated.
BizAway has been certified by Captio, making sure that both systems work seamlessly in combination, allowing BizAway to meet all travel needs and resulting in a smooth reconciliation of the related business expenses.

Yesim business is the mobile app that allows you to connect to the internet worldwide.
It is based on eSIM technology and allows you to access the internet from local operators via an internal VPN without having to pay additional roaming charges.

Yokoy automates spend management for medium and large enterprises with artificial intelligence, combining expense management, supplier invoice management and smart corporate cards into one single intuitive platform.

LimoLane is the chauffeur service designed for your city rides and transfers, easy to book and with a wide range of premium, affordable cars at transparent costs.
You can book your ride up to an hour in advance, any day, any time, across Europe (available in more than 350 cities).

International SOS is a platform specialized in travel risk management and duty of care, that provides healthcare assistance and risk assessment to your employees during business travels.

TripIt provides you with a comprehensive overview of all your travels to help you stay organized. Your travel information is at your fingertips when you need it. 

Crisis24 is a travel risk management platform, supported by various Global Operational Centers and the always-active intelligence of its team of experts, providing everything you need to ensure the safety of people and assets and fulfill your duty of care and responsibility.

Tripcase allows you to manage flight itineraries, hotel bookings, and car rentals all within one app. Create an itinerary where you internally organize all the details and activities of your trip.

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