Our Solution for Humanitarian Travel

Not just business travel: BizAway helps humanitarian and international organizations, charities and NGOs in their travel and missions, simplifying the entire management process.

We understand how crucial it is for NGOs to optimize the costs of their business trips to focus on their activities. That’s why BizAway offers a special plan for NGOs that includes all the platform’s features at a reduced price of €3 per booking instead of the regular €5 fee.


€3 per booking

The most comprehensive solution for managing NGO business travel

• Travel policy and approval workflows
• Customized invoicing
• Travel risk management
•  24/7 assistance

Your commitment deserves the best support

24/7 emergency service

Booking changes and VISA requests

Concierge service

Flexible bookings with BizzyFlex

Travel risk management

What They Say About Us

Discover the experience and benefits of BizAway from the humanitarian organizations that have already chosen us.

Tanja Commike –
Executive Assistant and
Administrative Coordinator

“A first approach to the platform was enough to realise how easy and intuitive its usage can be — this is something fundamental, allowing us to manage our offices in Spain and the United States by having multiple billing profiles stored within the platform”

Massimo Ravasini –
Deputy Director

“In MSF Italy we are always looking for new ways to work better while reducing the impact of our environmental footprint. We were looking for a solution that enabled us to easily track our environmental Impact related to traveling, while keeping the costs of travel management low and maintaining a high level of comfort for our staff throughout the entire travel experience, from booking to the actual travel. BizAway is the answer to all these needs”

Booking Flexibility

Last-minute changes? No problem. Our platform offers you the flexibility to make changes to your bookings quickly and easily. By activating our BizzyFlex service, with just a 10% fee on the travel cost, you can cancel any booking within 3 hours of check-in/departure and receive an 80% refund.

Keeping Risk Under Control During Your Travels

We provide certifications and constant updates on travel conditions worldwide. Thanks to our partnerships, you’ll have access to a dynamic map within the platform that allows you to constantly monitor the location of your travelers and receive information on emergency situations in the country of their travels.


Extensive Inventory and Exclusive Rates

BizAway, with its extensive inventory, offers you the opportunity to have competitive rates compared to market prices. Furthermore, with our fixed price of €3 per booking, you will save significantly on your business travel costs, ensuring more resources are available to support your humanitarian initiatives.

Your Mission Is Our Mission

At BizAway, we believe that your work is a testament to dedication to improving the world. We want to be your trusted partner in this mission, simplifying your business travels and allowing you to focus on the humanitarian challenges that await you.

Expense Tracking

Carbon offset

Dynamic traveler map

€3 per booking

Assistance for every emergency

Our multilingual team of Business Travel Experts is available to provide personalized assistance 24/7 in every phase of your journey, including last-minute emergencies.


BizAway has become the world’s first TMC to obtain B Corp certification. This recognition attests to the high standards of social, environmental, responsibility, and transparency performance that the company has embraced since its inception. BizAway’s values have always been oriented towards these fundamental principles, with the stated goal of simplifying business travel and making it more sustainable for our planet. We are passionately committed to leveraging our resources to bring about positive changes in society and contribute to environmental preservation.

360° Security

The “ISO 27001” certification obtained by BizAway is a significant recognition in the field of information security. This certification follows an international standard that defines best practices for ensuring information security within an organization. BizAway’s dedicated team is responsible for ensuring the security of all customer data through frequent training and the implementation of special protocols to manage and protect sensitive information.

What do we offer:

Exclusive Rates

With our extensive inventory, travel expenses are reduced with an average savings of 25% compared to market prices (for the same booking), ensuring more resources are available to support your initiatives.

Dedicated 24/7 Assistance

Our team of Business Travel Experts is available to provide personalized assistance in every phase of your journey, from planning to booking and beyond.

Intuitive Platform

Use our platform to search, compare, and book flights and accommodations quickly and easily. Save valuable time to focus on your work.

Environmental Sustainability

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of business travel. By choosing BizAway, you will also contribute to promoting sustainable practices.

Booking Flexibility

Last-minute changes? No problem. Our platform offers you the flexibility to make changes to your bookings quickly and easily with BizzyFlex.

Travel Risk Management

We offer real-time certifications and information on travel conditions worldwide.


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