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Welcome to the BizAway universe:
rewriting the rules of business travel with a unique culture!

Our mission, “Delivering the Future of Travel,” is the beating heart of BizAway.
We are constantly committed to simplifying the business travel experience through a continued innovation of our technological platform.

Creating a unique corporate environment is our top priority.
Proactivity, reliability, and kindness are the values we cultivate and share with every member of our team.

We want every team member to feel part of something extraordinary, a place where their contribution is valuable, and where they are constantly inspired to give their best.
We openly encourage dialogue, discussion, and, above all, listening. We believe that collaboration between teams is the key to consistently achieving the desired results.

Join us on this exciting journey towards the future of travel, where your passion, proactivity, and creativity are not only appreciated but also essential in shaping the business travel industry. 

What makes us unique

Continuous Growth

At BizAway, we not only do business travel; we define the future of this growing industry. We are an ambitious and constantly evolving team, and each team member has the opportunity to contribute significantly to our collective success.

Multicultural Team

BizAway is more than a business travel scale-up. We are global citizens with a global vision reflected in our services and an international approach to growth.

Professional Development

At BizAway, there are no limits to your growth. With customized training programs and tailored career opportunities, we support you in reaching new professional heights.

Our values


Proactivity motivates action: take risks, encourage curiosity and new ideas, learn from mistakes, and constantly strive to exceed expectations.
Through proactivity, we generate solutions for our clients and raise the bar — both within our workplace and throughout the industry.


Own it: we hold ourselves accountable for both good and bad outcomes. We don’t pass the buck or blame others. We do what we promised to do, and if we realize that we can’t, we inform immediately.


We are attentive to each other and fair in our interactions. Being kind does not mean refraining from expressing our point of view. We do express our opinions while respecting the points of view of others.

Our numbers

female workforce


average age

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Diversity and Inclusion

We are a multicultural team spread across Italy, Spain, Albania, and the UAE, strongly united by a passion for travel and technology.

We firmly believe that people are the most important resource for our company. Therefore, we protect and promote the value of each individual, creating an inclusive environment that does not tolerate any form of discrimination, either racial, gender-related, or based on sexual orientation.

We equally offer everyone the opportunity to develop their talent while respecting diversity and promoting an inclusive culture with the awareness that people with different experiences and skills can add value to the company.

Why choose BizAway?

Agile Team

Our team is a well-connected network. We work together with agility, coordination and collaborative spirit to overcome challenges and ensure an unprecedented business travel experience.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We embrace technology as the driving force. From intuitive platforms to advanced tools, we integrate cutting-edge solutions to simplify and enhance the travel experience for businesses.

Innovation in Business Travel

We are pioneers in reinventing how companies approach business travel. Our corporate culture promotes constant innovation, encouraging new ideas and solutions that redefine the concept of business travel.

Our founders

Our leadership

Loredana Andrello

Head of People & Culture

Alice Brancaleoni

Head of Service

Giovanni Bernardi

Head of Sales

Daniele La Ciura

Head of Development

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