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Business travel is everything that concerns the organization of a business trip in all its aspects.
Find out through our customers how BizAway makes it easy.

100.000+ bookings per year

Our easy and intuitive platform allows travellers to book autonomously by accessing exclusive rates from our international providers.

600+ company

A growing number of companies from all over the world have appreciated BizAway’s simplicity, efficiency and convenience and have chosen us as their primary solution for business travel management.

50% time saved

Thanks to BizAway platform companies can optimize both economic resources and reservation time and focus on their own core business.

Here is what our customers says

An ever-growing number of companies from all over the world are choosing to adopt BizAway as the main tool for their business travel management, appreciating its intuitive formula and affordable solutions.

Mercados Aries International

BizAway has significantly improved our business travel management because the platform not only is very intuitive but also has a very proactive and attentive 24/7 customer service
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European Cricket Network

We have realized that organizing all flights and logistics on our own would have involved considerable time and costs. Luckily we have been helped by BizAway, a very reliable partner that greatly simplified the management of the event
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Viessmann Italy

We are satisfied because BizAway helped us simplifying all travel management and complying the travel policy.
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BDO Italy

BizAway is part of BDO’s corporate welfare, meaning that all of our employees and collaborators can enjoy using the platform not only at work but in their personal life, thus extending its advantages to their family and friends.
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For the first time in our history, we can finally enjoy an all-in-one solution, capable of centralising all bookings made from the variety of our teams working both within the Spanish territory and all across the world.
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We have a firsthand view of all the benefits brought to our company since we started working with BizAway. Having all business trips gathered in one platform is priceless.
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