The complete guide to corporate retreats 2024: what they are and how to organize them

Corporate retreats are organized trips with one goal: bringing together people who work in the same company but in different locations or not necessarily in close contact. They have become popular again in recent years after the introduction of smart working changed work habits for many companies. …

The business travel safety guide for the LGBTQIA+ community

Safety is the most important aspect to consider when planning business travel for your company. When we talk about the duty of care, we’re talking about protecting employees, and while we tend to define all employees/travellers as equal in principle, we…

A guide to the NDC standard: what is it and how it works

What is NDC NDC – New Distribution Capability – is a new industry standard for the distribution and sale of airline tickets that applies to airlines, aggregators, and agencies.  This technological standard was developed by the International Air Transportation Association (IATA). It is not a database…

How a travel management company simplifies your business travel

  Travel management companies (TMC) are companies, like BizAway, specialized in the management of business travel, such as business travel of companies, corporations, SMEs, etc.   TMCs differ from traditional travel agencies because they not only book travels, but also make reservations…

How to organize group business and complex trips

Organising group business-trips and/or complex trips can be stressful due to the many aspects to consider, like making sure everyone gets on the same flight, booking conference rooms, keeping an eye on expenses and the huge responsibility that you take when it comes to organising such a complex…

The 2024 green travel policy for benefit corporations: what it is and how to structure it

Why adopt a green travel policy? Sustainability is a term we are hearing more and more about, especially in the travel industry as air travel is responsible for the 2,5% of global CO2 emissions. Sustainable travel is therefore becoming a priority for companies, especially…

The complete 2024 guide to duty of care: what it is and how to implement it in a policy

What is duty of care? Duty of care is the employer’s duty to protect the physical, mental and general well-being of the employee in all circumstances, including when traveling. In some cases, employees may read about the duty of care in the travel policy, which is the set of behaviors…

The complete 2024 guide about the travel manager figure: who she is and what she does

What is a travel manager and what does he do? The travel manager is the one that deals with the organization of business travel inside a company. It is found mainly in large companies that travel a lot, because of the important costs to be managed. However, in…

The complete 2024 guide to frequent flyer programs: how it works and the main participating airlines

Frequent flyer programs are airlines’ loyalty programs that provide for the accumulation of points (or figurative miles) for discounts or rewards by purchasing airline flights or services from airline partners.