BizzyPay, the end-to-end payment solution for your company

The world of  business travel is continuously evolving, so innovative solutions are essential to remain competitive. On these premises, BizAway is proud to present BizzyPay, the end-to-end payment solution designed to simplify and optimize the management of corporate expenses. Solving problems that are well known to companies –…

BizAway for the fourth consecutive year in the FT1000 by Financial Times and Statista

BizAway continues to consolidate its prominent position in the business travel sector, maintaining its placement in the prestigious FT1000 ranking by the Financial Times and Statista for the fourth consecutive year. This year, we have reached the 216th position, with a growth rate of 835.4%. This…

BizAway announces the integration of Deutsche Bahn

BizAway has announced a significant new partnership in the business travel industry. The company has entered into a collaboration with Deutsche Bahn, the German high-speed private railway operator, to provide its users with an increasingly comprehensive experience. Following direct integrations with Trenitalia and Italo in Italy,…

BizAway integrates Hokodo for more flexible payments in business travel

BizAway, the innovative scaleup for corporate travel, has recently integrated Hokodo into its platform, the leading service for B2B deferred payment solutions. This pioneering integration solidifies BizAway’s position as a leader in the industry, offering its clients the opportunity to benefit from favorable payment terms, simplifying the financial management of…

Business travel for NGOs: a global commitment to the common good

Business travel is a crucial aspect for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) engaged in humanitarian and social causes on a global scale, as it can challenge both economically and logistically. Non-profit organizations must pay special attention to every expense, and travel must always take into account the safety…

BizAway nominated among the top software for expense report and travel management

“Category Leaders” and “Frontrunners” for the Travel Management and Expense Report categories are the two recognitions that BizAway has received from Capterra for its performance on GetApp and Software Advice. BizAway has been nominated in Capterra’s 2023 shortlist…

BizAway announces a 10M funding from Illimity

BizAway continues its growth supported by a new €10M funding The medium-term funding has been provided by illimity, who chose to support BizAway after analyzing its growth plans aimed at further developing its disruptive and technology-driven business model in the business travel sector. With this operation,…

BizAway acquires Next Generation Travel’s business travel branch

BizAway continues its growth in 2023, started with the announcement of BizzyFlex and the opening of its first extra-European office in Dubai, with the acquisition of the business travel branch of Next Generation Travel, one of the 10  biggest travel agencies in Italy. As…

BizAway is the first TMC to integrate Iryo

BizAway is the first TMC to integrate Iryo, the spanish private high-speed rail operator. With this partnership, the company aims to offer a premium experience to its users, who can link their Iryo reservations to the BizAway app, making the process smoother and more instantaneous. In line with one of…