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Resources viaggi di lavoro complessi e di gruppo

Organizzare viaggi di lavoro complessi e di gruppo: come fare?

Organising group business-trips and/or complex trips can be stressful due to the many aspects to consider, like making sure everyone gets on the same flight, booking conference rooms, keeping an eye on expenses and the huge responsibility that you take when it comes to organising such a complex…
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The long-standing experience of the BizAway team

As demonstrated by its most recent achievements, despite being one of the youngest players in business travel – with just 7 years in the market – BizAway classifies as the strongest and fastest-growing operator in the field.  The breath of fresh air that BizAway is bringing to the…

BizAway is now a benefit corporation!

Active in the business travel sector since 2015, BizAway has always been attentive to the well-being of employees, local communities and theenvironment, carrying out projects and actions from which everyone could benefit.
Travel Calcolatore Automatico Co2

The automatic CO2 calculator for sustainable business travel

BizAway is the first platform to have integrated an automatic CO2 compensation system, thanks to a calculator developed in collaboration with the Lufthansa Innovation Hub (LIH) to quantify business travel emissions.

Most Innovative Travel Booking Solution 2021: BizAway

BizAway won the award for Most innovative travel solution at LUXlife Magazine's Travel & Tourism Awards.
Travel Primo Posto Nella FT1000

BizAway tops FT1000 for business travel

In the Financial Times FT1000 ranking, BizAway is the fastest growing business travel company in Europe.
Travel stock options bizaway

BizAway’s birthday present: 1% of the share capital to its employees

On January 19th we celebrated BizAway's sixth birthday with a special gift: all employees became stockholders by holding a 1% stake in the share capital
Travel business-travel-e-sostenibilità-ambientale

Business travel and sustainability: a zero-emission combination

Environmental sustainability is becoming an increasingly topical issue, and business travel is no exception: BizAway is attentive to the problem of pollution caused by corporate mobility.
Travel diritti chi viaggia in aereo

What are the rights of airline passengers?

Are passengers protected if the flight is late or cancelled? What are the rights of the airline passengers? There are basically two institutional sources to rely on.
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