BizzyPay, the end-to-end payment solution for your company by BizAway

Full control of corporate payments while traveling and beyond.

What is BizzyPay?

BizzyPay is an innovative end-to-end payment solution, specifically designed to simplify and optimize corporate expense management.

With a focus on flexibility and security, BizAway allows companies to use physical and virtual credit cards (lodge cards and API-issued cards), each with customizable spending limits, rules, and restrictions, while ensuring security and control.

Custom payment solutions for business travel

  • High ceilings and personalized billing
  • Instantly available virtual cards
  • Travel Purchasing Card
  • Real-time reconciliation
  • Quick onboarding

Intuitive user interface and advanced reporting

BizzyPay’s user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing quick access to all essential features, such as real-time viewing and management, or monitoring spending patterns.

With BizzyPay, companies can automate many of the traditional manual processes related to expense management, saving valuable time and reducing administrative errors.

Protect your company with top-level security 

BizzyPay takes data security seriously. The platform uses state-of-the-art encryption technologies and security protocols to ensure that all transactions are protected from fraud or misuse, while strictly adhering to financial and privacy regulations.

BizzyPay provides 24/7 customer support to resolve any issues that may arise during travels. This level of support ensures that business travelers can always rely on timely assistance, wherever they are.


Real-time control over expenses and subscriptions

Use of unlimited physical and virtual disposable cards

Secure purchases

No unwanted recurring charges

High limits without revealing card details

No risk of cloning

Advanced fraud and risk protection

Quick management of expense management processes

Custom integrations

Email and phone support

Tailored features for travel purchases

BizzyPay offers a range of innovative features specifically designed to meet the needs of the corporate travel industry, allowing for more effective control over travel expenses, maximizing convenience and security.

The platform supports integration with CTA (Corporate Travel Account) and Lodged Card; virtual cards – exempt from 3DS – are ideal for bookings, while physical cards solve many of the issues that may arise during travel, such as car rental pickups.

This means that travelers can focus on their work without worrying about administrative matters.

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Efficiency and workflow compatibility

BizzyPay seamlessly integrates with your existing accounting systems, simplifying the process of automatic mapping and pre-accounting for each transaction, significantly reducing the time spent on manual expense management and enabling anyone in your organization to do so effectively.


Simplify payment management and focus on what matters most to your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It is the innovative system for managing credit cards. Its convenient and user-friendly platform allows you to independently and flexibly manage card limits, monitor expenses in real-time, and seamlessly integrate with your existing accounting software.

Virtual cards work exactly like physical ones, with the difference that card details are visible only on the platform. The benefits of these cards include their inability to be lost, immediate activation, and extreme flexibility of use. You can obtain a card for each purchase for each specific merchant, setting it as you prefer based on the usage. This way, in case of issues, it will not be necessary to change the payment details on all platforms, but only on the one where it was used.

The cards belong to the Visa network and are accepted by over 40 million online and offline retailers in more than 200 countries.

Yes, you can use our cards with any existing bank account.

Our cards are managed through certified banking systems, where security and data protection are a priority. Access to the platform is protected by password and two-factor authentication. Personal data is stored in compliance with GDPR, while critical card data is managed according to PCI DSS security standards. Additionally, the cards support 3D Secure for enhanced protection during online purchases.

BizzyPay allows for the possibility of exporting files in CSV (and PDF) format that can be imported into all accounting software. It also offers custom integrations with customer expense management systems.

Yes, all our credit cards are automatically enabled for 3D Secure. During online purchases, you will receive a password via SMS for verification. This service is provided due to the EU’s PSD2, which requires Strong Customer Authentication before payment.

If you do not receive the password, ensure that your phone number is up to date in your user account or contact our customer service.

To learn more, visit Visa 3D Secure.

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