BizzyFlex: make all your business travel flexible

Thanks to BizzyFlex you can cancel your reservation – no questions asked – and get 80% of your money back.

100% flex

and no questions
asked. Ever.

up to 3 hours

before the departure/check-in
you can cancel your booking


of the value of the journey
will be instantly refunded

How do I activate it?

You will be able to activate BizzyFlex on every reservation you make through BizAway up until 12 hours before departure by paying an additional 10% fee of the total amount.

You will then have the option to cancel your reservation, no questions asked, up until 3 hours before check-in/departure, getting back 80% of the value of the journey.

All you need to do is activate the option at the time of booking. 


How do I delete my reservation?

When you want to cancel your reservation, from the My Bookings page in BizAway, you can open your request via the “REDEEM BIZZYFLEX” button and you will get your refund within three days.

If you have any questions, our customer service is available to give you all the information you need about your refund (find our FAQs here)

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is our way of guaranteeing you the greatest possible flexibility and protection. It often happens that it is necessary to cancel a flight, a train, an overnight stay or any transport. By adding BizzyFlex to your booking you no longer have to worry about whether or not the selected rate is refundable because BizzyFlex covers all cancellations for any reason!

BizzyFlex guarantees:

  • Coverage up to 12h before departure or check-in
  • Refund up to 80% of the booking*
  • Quick and easy way to request a refund
  • Receive your refund within 3 days
  • No document or proof is required, the deletion is really for any reason

*Read carefully the Terms&Conditions

From the dedicated page, simply by adding BizzyFlex during the booking process.

BizzyFlex is always available except for departures or check-ins of less than 12 hours. Please check if this is your case.

BizzyFlex is available worldwide. No matter your destination.

From the My Bookings page, for each booking to which you have added BizzyFlex, you can open a request using the “REDEEM BIZZYFLEX” button.

When you request a change to your booking (integration of nights or passengers, addition of luggages, etc.), the cost of BizzyFlex will be recalculated to ensure that the new rate is protected. The difference will be billed as per the billing plan set up on your account.

BizzyFlex involves a cost equal to 10% of the booking price, excluding any fees and transaction costs.

BizzyFlex reimburses up to 80% of the booking amount up to a maximum of Euro 10,000 (corresponding to a booking price of Euro 12,500). For bookings of higher amounts, it will still be possible to activate BizzyFlex but the refund will reach the maximum amount, with a consequent decrease in the maximum refund percentage.

For example, in the case of a reservation of Euro 16,000, BizzyFlex will refund Euro 10,000, corresponding to 62.5%.

No documents are required. BizzyFlex is a “cancel for any reason” service.

BizzyFlex is not applicable for any cancellation attributable to the carrier or service provider of flights, shuttles, trains, ferries, hotels or other services. In the aforementioned case, the refund of the reservation will be managed by the person responsible for the cancellation/modification according to its general conditions.

No, BizzyFlex covers the entire booking and all the travelers included in it. It is therefore not possible to delete only partially.

BizzyFlex can be used on non-refundable rates or rates whose cancellation deadline has now passed. Check if this is your case.

The payment of the amount due for having redeemed BizzyFlex will be transferred by bank transfer to the bank details indicated in the billing profile and will be accompanied by the receipt of a receipt. The refund will be emitted within three days.

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