BizzyFlex: make all your business travel flexible

Thanks to BizzyFlex you can cancel your reservation – no questions asked – and get 80% of your money back.

100% flex

and no questions
asked. Ever.

up to 3 hours

before the departure/check-in
you can cancel your booking


of the value of the journey
will be instantly refunded

How does it work?

You will be able to purchase BizzyFlex on every booking you make through BizAway by paying an additional 10% fee of the total price.
You will then have the option to cancel your reservation, no questions asked, up until 3 hours before check-in/departure, getting back 80% of the value of the trip.

All you need to do is add BizzyFlex at the time of booking. 

How do I cancel my booking?

When you need to cancel your booking, go to the “My Bookings” page on the platform and open your request via the “CLAIM BIZZYFLEX” button. You will receive your refund within seven days.

If you have any questions, our customer service is available to provide you with all the information you need about your refund (find our FAQs here).

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Frequently Asked Questions

BizzyFlex is a cancel-for-any-reason service for your bookings. No questions asked. It is our way of guaranteeing you the greatest possible flexibility and protection. If you need to cancel a flight-, hotel-, train- or car hire-booking for any reason, with BizzyFlex you no longer have to worry. Make your booking stress-free.

With BizzyFlex you pay 10% of the total booking price. This allows you to cancel your reservation (hotel, flight, train and car hire)  anytime up to 3 hours before your travel and get 80% of the value of your trip refunded. Cancel for any reason, no questions asked.

BizzyFlex implies a cost equal to 10% of the total booking price.

Save by choosing the BizzyFlex-Always-On option, and pay just 8% of the total booking price. With BizzyFlex-Always-on option, BizzyFlex will automatically be included in every booking.

BizzyFlex refunds 80% of the value of your journey.
However, the total refund amount for the BizzyFlex service cannot exceed €10 000 per booking. Likewise, BizzyFlex service fee will not exceed €1 000.

For example, in case of a reservation worth €16 000, BizzyFlex will refund €10 000.

Simply add BizzyFlex during the booking process on BizAway platform.

No. BizzyFlex can be purchased only at the time the booking is done.

No documents required. BizzyFlex is a cancel-for-any-reason service.

It usually takes up to 7 days (provided that the original booking has already been invoiced and paid). The amount due will be transferred to the bank account indicated in the billing profile.

No, as long as you added BizzyFlex to your booking, you can cancel it anytime up to 3 hours before departure. 

It’s super easy. Go to My Bookings at least 3 hours before the beginning of your booking and click the CLAIM button. Done!

You can add-up BizzyFlex on your booking up to 12 hrs before departure.
Remember that BizzyFlex can only be activated at the time of booking

BizzyFlex is available worldwide. No matter your destination.

In case of any change to your booking (i.e. addition of extra luggages or passengers to your flight or extra nights to your hotel booking) BizzyFlex cost will be recalculated automatically to cover all the additions. 

In case of involuntary cancellation, never claim BizzyFlex but make sure to request the 100% refund from the provider. Please contact our Customer Service to get further assistance.

No, Bizzyflex will be applied to your entire booking. It is not possible, for example, to cover only the first leg of your trip or only certain travellers.

It applies to any booking you do including the refundable fares.

This happens for Hotel Reservations that have a time window (Free Cancellation Deadline) within which you can get 100% your money back. During this time the BizzyFlex option is off. Go to your My Booking page and Click the Cancel button (next to Claim button) to get the full refund from the Hotel/service provider.  In this case, the BizzyFlex Service Fee will be refunded.

BizzyFlex claim button will be active again as soon as the Free Cancellation Deadline will be past.

Please note that the Claim button is active up to 3 hours before departure.