B Corp

BizAway is the first TMC dedicated to business travel to be certified by B Corp worldwide.

BizAway is the first Business TMC in the world to receive the B Corp certification, that is a recognition for high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.
These are values on which BizAway has always focused since its foundation, with a vocation to simplify business travel and make it more sustainable for the planet.
BizAway cares about the sustainability of the planet and seeks to use its full potential to bring about change in society and a positive impact on the environment.
BizAway became a benefit company in 2021, thanks to its commitment and responsibility towards its employees, the community and the planet.

BizAway’s actions for a 360° sustainability

  • The over 200 employees located in BizAway’s eight offices (two in Spain – Barcelona and Vigo; three in Italy – Spilimbergo and Milan; two in Albania, Shkodra and Tirana; one in Dubai, UAE) who make up the scaleup team have become shareholders, and up to 8% of the share capital was allocated to them. (Read more here);
  • All BizAway customers have the possibility to know the CO2 emissions generated during their business trips thanks to the platform’s CO2 calculator. In addition, BizAway allows its Clients to offset CO2 emissions by partnering with the Eden Reforestation Project, a non-profit organisation actively engaged in the fight against poverty and pollution by creating and maintaining new mangrove plantations in different areas of the world devastated by deforestation. (find out here how many mangroves BizAway has planted);
  • The choice of suppliers taking into account their degree of awareness in the production or provision of their services;
  • Participation in the local community with the Skillando Digital Volunteering community project for digital natives, supporting the activities of local artists and promoting volunteering through waste collection days in the forest or on the beach;
  • BizAway is also the official sponsor of several sports teams in the community: such as the VIS Spilimbergo basketball team, the Paduan GT motor racing Team Lazarus, the Italian champion Veneto-based volleyball team Imoco Volley, Serie A2’s basketball team APU Udine and the international organizations European Cricket Network and European Judo Union.

What is a B Corp?

The aim of a B Corp is to create value and balance profit with purpose by proposing a model that shifts wealth to guarantee equity.
The B Corp movement currently counts over 4000 companies worldwide, over 120 in Italy.
By collaborating between companies, organizations and activists, the B Corps aim to solve environmental problems and social inequalities through five strategic points:

  • Driving adoption of our standards to manage business impact.
  • Certify and involve businesses to improve their impact.
  • To convey one’s success as an equitable force for good.
  • Bringing about a change in policy so that business becomes a force for good.
  • Develop a network of local, regional and global communities for change.

B Corp certification is legally valid in the US, whereas in Italy it is not. In Italy, however, there is the status of a Benefit Society, of which BizAway is also a member.

Best For The World™

BizAway is officially one of the B Corp Best For The World™ 2022.
According to the B Impact Assessment, BizAway’s score in the Governance area is in the top 5% of the highest B Corps around the world, emerging among +5,000 companies of similar size thanks to its high performance in mission, ethics, accountability and transparency.

This recognition of BizAway’s Governance practices makes us really proud. Being recognized as one of the Best For The World is a great incentive to keep pushing forward in this direction and work towards improved sustainability in business travel.” says Luca Carlucci, CEO and co-founder.

Find out more here.

Certification Notice

“Certified B Corporation” is a trademark licensed by B Lab, a private non-profit organization, to companies like ours that have successfully completed the B Impact Assessment (“BIA”) and therefore meet the
requirements set by B Lab for social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.
It is specified that B Lab is not a conformity assessment body as defined by Regulation (EU) No 765/2008, nor is it a national, European, or international standardization body as per Regulation (EU) No 1025/2012.
The criteria of the BIA are distinct and independent from the harmonized standards resulting from ISO norms or other standardization bodies, and they are not ratified by national or European public institutions.