The world of  business travel is continuously evolving, so innovative solutions are essential to remain competitive. On these premises, BizAway is proud to present BizzyPay, the end-to-end payment solution designed to simplify and optimize the management of corporate expenses.

Solving problems that are well known to companies – such as the absence of automatic expenditure control mechanisms, the low real-time visibility of the expenses and the time-consuming manual expense-management process – is just one of the features that BizzyPay offers to its users. 

BizzyPay, workflow efficiency, and high-level security

BizzyPay is the comprehensive corporate card solution created by BizAwayin partnership with Pliant – that aims to revolutionize the way businesses deal with their spending, offering a wide range of features designed to provide flexibility, security and total control over financial transactions, not only during business trips. 

Through an intuitive and user-friendly interface, BizzyPay allows a real-time visualization and management of expenses, as well as the issuing of debit and credit cards, both virtual and physical, for all your needs. It seamlessly integrates with existing accounting systems, simplifying automatic mapping and pre-accounting for each transaction. This reduces the time spent on manual expense management significantly, decreasing the possibility of errors and allowing companies to focus on more strategic activities. BizzyPay  pays the utmost attention to the security of financial and personal data. Through the application of the latest encryption technologies and security protocols, the platform ensures that all transactions are protected against any risks of fraud or misuse, while strictly adhering to financial and privacy regulations.

Tailored features for travel purchases

In line with BizAway’s mission, BizzyPay offers a range of features to maximize convenience and security during travels. The platform supports the integration with Corporate Travel Accounts (CTA) and Lodge Cards. Virtual cards with 3DS exemption are the most suitable for bookings, while physical cards sort many issues that may arise during travel. No more hassles during pick-ups at car rentals!

24/7 customer support  

BizzyPay goes beyond offering a new payment method. With 24/7 customer service, the platform ensures timely assistance to resolve any issues that may arise during travels. This commitment ensures that business travelers can rely on reliable assistance wherever they are.

Enhance your corporate expense management  

BizzyPay is much more than a payment system; it is a comprehensive end-to-end solution that revolutionizes corporate expense management. With its intuitive interface, functionalities tailored for business travel, and commitment to security, BizzyPay is a concrete tool for companies looking to optimize their corporate payment management. With its launch, BizAway once again demonstrates its leadership in offering innovative solutions for evolving business needs.