In the following interview, we will have the pleasure of getting to know Xhenis Dreshaj, our Customer Care Team Leader, more closely and exploring his professional journey within our company. Xhenis will share with us his work experiences, from joining our team in Shkodra to the most amusing and inspiring moments he has encountered in the corporate environment.

Tell us a bit about your professional journey and how you became part of our company. What motivated you to join our team?


Well, I had been trying different jobs and I came to know that some of my ex colleagues were joining a new company with a new office in Shkoder so I wanted to give it a go! And two years later it has been very good so far 🙂

In addition to your work, what are you passionate about in your personal life? How do you find a balance between your professional and personal life?

I enjoy socializing and trying to have a great time in the meantime. It’s not that hard actually. You just dedicate yourself to both of them and try to keep them as distant as possible.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? Is there any activity or hobby that helps you recharge and makes you more productive at work?

I like looking for old things. Whenever I go out I am always on the lookout for people sellings old watches, lighters, bracelets, clocks etc.

Has there been anyone in particular who has been a source of inspiration or mentorship throughout your professional career?

Alice as always has been an awesome point of direction keeping me on a straight path and helping me improve step by step.

Could you share a funny or interesting anecdote you’ve experienced during your time at the company?

I don’t know any funny ones but I know that a client once said to a colleague of ours named Kristiano “ Thank you. You are awesome as Cristiano Ronaldo ”.

How do you define yourself in terms of values and principles? How do you believe these values are reflected in your daily work?

Be kind and smile! I tend to apply it everyday at work. Smiling makes everyone feel better and helps us in being kinder to each other. It makes the day go much smoother and it also helps everyone have a great time at work.

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