In this interview, we will delve into the professional lives of David, Mehdi, Kelly, Lara, and Hugo, who are Sales Development Representatives at the Barcelona office. We will explore the facets of their roles and the valuable contributions they make to the team.  

Thanks to their skills and unwavering passion, we will discover their roles within the company together.

Short description of your role.   

David – I’m an SDR at BizAway, which means that I’m the first point of contact with the prospects I approach to introduce them to the wonderful services BizAway can offer them! I’m always on the lookout for the most dynamic international business sectors, whose employees are likely to travel all over the world; in this case, I identify the problems they may encounter and offer them our solutions to simplify their organization and make their budgets more profitable thanks to our services. As an SDR, our aim is to get our prospects to buy into our vision of travel, and to program an online demonstration of our solution to persuade them of the performance of our service!

What do you like more about your job position here at BizAway?   

Mehdi – I have been working as an SDR at BizAway for over 8 months, and it has been an incredible journey so far. First of all, I particularly enjoy the client interaction aspect of my role. Being an SDR at BizAway allows me to devise effective strategies for engaging directly with potential customers and gain valuable insights into diverse enterprise sectors. 

Secondly, the clear objectives in place consistently fuel my motivation to perform at my best. Lastly, what truly makes my experience at BizAway remarkable is the collaborative spirit among fellow SDRs operating in different markets. This inclusive environment fosters a sense of camaraderie, where individuals from various cultural backgrounds unite to achieve a common goal.

How would you describe your daily activities as a member of the adm team?   

Kelly – Managing your own contacts and tasks. planning in advance when to contact new opportunities and making follow up calls and emails with working leads. Goal of each contact is to understand current ways of working and pain points a company might be experiencing. With the ultimate goal of planning a meeting where the platform can be shown and we can demonstrate how we can resolve certain difficulties and simplify business travel.

How do you interact with the other departments?

Lara – Thanks to Slack, we are able to communicate quickly (call or chat) with all our colleagues within BizAway. If there are difficulties with a platform we use, we are getting support from our colleagues. If we have questions about payrolls, bank holidays or any other HR-related questions, our office manager is always able to explain this for us.

What would you say to future BizAway candidates?  

Hugo – In BizAway you’ll find a family where all members push the same way. Where innovation meets opportunity, just be yourself, be passionate, and be ready to embrace a journey of continuous learning and growth. Come with an open mind, a hunger for excellence, and a collaborative spirit. Together, we will shape the future of business travel and create success stories that resonate far beyond the office walls. Meet you at the office!

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