In this interview, we’re going to chat with Jessica, Erinda, Nuria, Sara, Gaia, Denisa, and Mattia, the driving forces behind our Talent & People Ops division. We’ll talk about what they do and how they make things happen in the organization. Get ready to hear about their skills and passion!

Brief role description

Jessica – First of all, we DO care about people: one of the most important activities is maintaining and growing people’s engagement by developing a positive culture, an inclusive environment, a safe workplace and an enthusiastic climate. We act as the main point of contact to employees and we are an advisor to managers/team leaders. We manage administrative documents, update and maintain HR systems, records and reports with accurate employee data.Talking about Talent Acquisition, we also ensure a great candidate experience during the recruitment process and a smooth transition from candidate recruitment to newcomer onboarding. 

Erinda – As an international Recruiter, together with our talent acquisition team, our goal is to contribute to the growth and success of our team on a global level. CV screening, sourcing, contacting candidates, maintenance of the recruitment database, conducting interviews via phone, video call or face to face, communicating with candidates during every step of the recruiting process, managing job openings on our ATS and Job Boards and assisting Hiring Managers take decisions on the best candidates, providing them advice related to the Company culture and the interviewing techniques are our day to day activities. We meet a lot of candidates during the day. We are the first contact and image that represents the company for them, so we make sure to share and project all the culture and values that BizAway and every department in the company represents. I am glad and lucky to offer such great career opportunities for others and to help our team grow.

What do you like most about your position at BizAway? 

Nuria – One of the things I like most about my job is that every day is different, and almost every week there is a new challenge. I really enjoy dealing with people, getting to know new cultures and different ways of doing things, and understanding work and life in general. Personally, it is very rewarding that if someone needs something or has a problem in the workplace, they trust me to help them find a solution. This is something that I love. 

SaraDynamism is one of the qualities that I would highlight most about my position in the People team. Creativity, flexibility and daily dealings with different profiles, both within the company and externally, allow me to learn from different points of view and grow professionally and personally. The greatest satisfaction for me, like Nuria, is being able to contribute to the resolution of the company’s setbacks, always obtaining in return the gratitude and trust of my colleagues.

How would you describe your tasks as members of the people team? 

Gaia – Team People tasks always respect three values, such as privacy, reliability and empathy. It is important to manage processes in a precise and well organized way, from finding a new candidate to communicating with employees, so that you become a point of reference for People in the company. The goal is to create a collaborative and stimulating environment for them to have an enriching professional and personal experience.

How do you interact with other departments? 

We collaborate everyday with the Hiring Managers in order to:

  • Onboard and hire new employees
  • Organize and structure the team
  • Implement key HR programs such as career paths, performance reviews, compensation & benefits

We support line managers in driving a high-performance culture in order to achieve team goals, in line with compliance with local labor law and procedures. We regularly communicate with candidates, recruiters, external payroll consultants and employees.

Erinda – The thing I like most in BizAway is that we are a digital mindset company. We invest a lot in technologies and we have tools for everything that makes our interaction more easy and sharing documents or information faster, like Dashlane, Factorial, Atlassian, Google Docs, Testdome, JazzHR etc. They also help us to be very organized. In order to communicate with our HR team we have different channels on Slack for day-to-day activities and to interact with shared tasks with our team and other departments, we use email and Jira for tickets. To be in contact with the candidates we usually use Google meet.

Denisa – To have a healthy interaction with other departments we focus on several points:

  • Finding common interests
  • Build a friendly relationship
  • We try to be good listeners
  • We manage to find the best time for company communications

Getting to know more people and making new friends can never be a bad thing, so do not shy away from communicating with people from other departments.

What would you say to future BizAway candidates? 

Erinda – We are looking for people that love the challenge of growth, people who are ambitious, curious and hungry for career growth and achievements, people who are travel lovers and want to contribute to the revolution of the travel industry. If this feels like you, come and seat with us, we’ll offer you a great career opportunity, work and life balance, travel and other benefits, equity in the company, a collaborative, smart multicultural and international work environment, free coffee to kick-start your day and free beers to celebrate together, remote work, flexible working policy and great offices in Europe. You will find here the kindest and collaborative team ever. I am always open for a short call to share all the career opportunities and the BizAway values.

Mattia – Bizaway is distinguished by the principles of growth, sustainability and digital innovation. We are looking for people who have the desire and enthusiasm to grow and donate a better future for future generations. What distinguishes the way we work is precisely a look toward the future and a desire to develop innovation together that will help make our world a better place. BizAway is not just a company, it is a family where people are at the center. What we guarantee is a work-life balance but most importantly, the ability to travel! Our team is always available to ensure all the information you need to learn more about our world, come visit us! 

If you belong to the HR world, this is the best opportunity to join our amazing team! Apply here.