In this interview, we will have the opportunity to learn about and explore the roles of Marco, Alessandro, Klara, Kledian Disha, Michelangelo, Mario and Davide as front-end Developers in BizAway, the responsibilities they hold, and the significant contributions they make in the Product Team.

Through their exceptional skills and unwavering dedication, we will uncover the essential details of their work within the organization.

Short description of your role

Marco Casto – As a front-end Engineer at BizAway, my role is to create and maintain exceptional user interfaces for both platform and CPA. I collaborate closely with product owners, UX designers, and backend engineers to understand user requirements and translate them into visually appealing and user-friendly web applications.

Using my expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks, I build responsive and intuitive interfaces that enhance the overall user experience. I work on a variety of tasks, including designing and implementing new features, improving existing functionalities, and optimizing performance across different browsers and devices.

In addition, I integrate APIs and data sources to provide real-time information, such as flight details, hotel availability, and travel itineraries. I stay up-to-date with the latest front-end technologies and trends, continuously seeking opportunities to improve our digital presence and user interface designs.

Overall, my goal as a front-end Engineer at BizAway is to contribute to the development of a seamless and delightful user experience, making business travel efficient, convenient, and enjoyable for our clients.

What do you like more about your job position here at BizAway? 

Alessandro Fiaschi – What I value most about my job position here at BizAway as a front-end software developer is the exceptional work environment and the collaborative spirit among colleagues. The team dynamics at BizAway are truly inspiring, as everyone is driven by a shared passion for delivering high-quality software solutions. The open and inclusive atmosphere fosters effective communication and seamless collaboration, making it a pleasure to work together towards our goals. The support and knowledge-sharing among colleagues are remarkable, allowing me to learn from experienced professionals and continuously grow in my role. It’s truly fulfilling to be part of such a dynamic and collaborative team at BizAway. In addition, I greatly appreciate the emphasis on innovation and pushing boundaries in my role at BizAway. The company encourages us to explore new technologies, experiment with cutting-edge frameworks, and stay ahead of industry trends. This not only keeps the work exciting and challenging but also enables us to deliver innovative and impactful solutions to our clients.

Marta Golgowska – What I like most about working as a front-end developer at BizAway is that I am never bored – we work on many different features, using a variety of frameworks and technologies. The product is constantly expanding and evolving, which means every day brings a new interesting challenge.  Another thing is the autonomy each developer is given when it comes to our day to day work. I can feel responsible for what I am creating, see the impact my work has on the product and our customers, and have the space for innovation and self-development. What’s also important to me, is the environment of open communication and collaboration. The team members are always willing to help and learn from each other. I have met a lot of great people here, who are competent and excited about their work and the industry.

How would you describe your daily activities as a member of the front-end team?  

Klara Zyko – As a member of the front-end team, my daily activities include coding user interfaces and implementing interactive elements, optimizing performance of the platform, testing and debugging, collaborating with the development team, and staying updated with the latest web technologies. 

Kledian DishaFor me as a front-end developer, my daily activities involve creating new components for a new platform, implementing styles and tests, and maintaining communication with my colleagues. Staying updated with the latest front-end trends, focusing on code reusability, and ensuring responsive design are crucial aspects of my work. Collaboration and clear communication with my team, along with automated testing and documentation, help maintain code quality and efficiency. My enthusiasm for continuous learning plays a significant role in keeping me adept at the ever-evolving tech landscape. Overall, my dedication to building accessible and user-friendly interfaces contributes to the success of our projects.

How do you interact with the other departments?

Michelangelo Basso – For interdepartmental communication, developers primarily utilize Slack for messaging and calls. Additionally, we use Factorial for all the communication that relates to HR stuff and Jira as a platform for all the communication between Customer Service and Developers through the use of tickets.

What improvements do you think you have been able to bring to the BizAway interface?  

Diego García – We are currently working on the creation of a well-organized and much more visually attractive design system, with improvements in accessibility that allow any user to interact in a simpler and more intuitive way with the interface. We want to provide as much independence as possible to our users, and for this we are creating new self-guided processes and generating new design rules in order to remove any barriers that hinder users.

In addition, from a more technical point of view we are introducing the use of tokens, design with variables, a library of detailed documented components and other improvements to try to further strengthen the interprofessional communication of the product design team.

What would you say to future BizAway candidates?  

Mario Mezini – To future BizAway candidates, I would like to say that BizAway is a welcoming, collaborative, and innovative team. The people here are genuine, kind, and supportive, creating an environment where you can grow both personally and professionally. BizAway is revolutionizing the business travel industry and offers you the opportunity to be part of something exciting. They value your ideas, encourage work-life balance, and provide various benefits.

Davide Spiga – I would honestly say that this is my first work experience in the field, and I feel so lucky to have started in a company like BizAway for many reasons: Our core values are teamwork, creativity, and innovation. This makes all of us contribute to the positive atmosphere that makes our workplace special. I feel everyone around us is open to learning: our industry is ever-evolving, and we value individuals who are eager to learn and grow both personally and professionally. In our job, my teammates are very collaborative and communicative, together we can achieve remarkable results and overcome challenges.