Tell us a bit about your professional journey and how you became part of our company. What motivated you to join our team?  

I come from the world of advertising and marketing, after various experiences I started working with Luca in 2016 on one of his projects called BidAway. In parallel, BizAway was born and little by little it grew until it reached what it is today. Although I have always been linked to BizAway, I officially joined the team in 2020. Personally, it has been quite an experience to see how the project is growing so much, especially in recent years. I have known Luca and Flavio for many years and I know how hard they have worked to be where we are today.   What motivated me to stay was the opportunity they gave me to experience other professional opportunities, in my case, Human Resources, in addition to the continuous learning that working in a scaleup entails. Another reason that made me stay was the very atmosphere of the office, everything is very familiar and without hierarchies. Luca, for example, shares a space with us and he is always there for any problem or question that arises on a daily basis. That’s not what all CEOs do.

In addition to your work, what are you passionate about in your personal life? How do you find a balance between your professional and personal life?  

For me, exercise is key in my life, it helps me to disconnect and do a reset, so if it’s not something urgent or an emergency, you will never see me in the office later than 6:30 p.m. ;)   I have a very simple life, I like to spend time with my partner, family and friends. Theater, cinema, music, walking, watching series, writing, the mountains… When I notice that I am very stressed and that my mind needs a break, I go to my town where life is much calmer than in the city and the priorities seem to be others.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? Is there any activity or hobby that helps you recharge and makes you more productive at work?  

Same as above. For me, going to the gym every day gives me life. It’s a hobby that I share with my partner and he also understands it in the same way that I do, so it helps me to disconnect, but also to share time together.

Has there been anyone in particular who has been a source of inspiration or mentorship throughout your professional career?  

The truth is that due to the type of company that BizAway is and my role, my career has been very self-sufficient. That is to say, I have had to look for life most of the time in a trial-error way.

Very good people have passed through the team (some who are still with us and others who are not) who have opened my mind to other work methodologies, ways of living, etc.

With Luca he has been the one I have worked with the most, and I admire his perseverance and how he understands the job. With him, the motto “When there’s a will, there’s a way” makes all the sense.

Could you share a funny or interesting anecdote you’ve experienced during your time at the company?  

I could write a book! :) Some of the anecdotes are about the first office move we did. The budget we had was very small and we had to make the move ourselves, assemble the furniture, etc. Quite an experience!

How do you define yourself in terms of values and principles? How do you believe these values are reflected in your daily work?

I am a very empathic person and for me, it is very important that each of the people who are part of BizAway feel at home because that way they will give their best. So whenever I can, I strive to make it happen.

I am also very perfectionist, methodical and organized, so it is very rare that I forget something in my day to day. I have everything in my mind, so all the bureaucracy related to the administrative part and HR. It’s always under control, or so I try!

Another very important quality in a scaleup is curiosity also being self-sufficient when working. If you don’t know something and you can find it by your own, do it. Do not wait a day to receive an answer that you can find on google.

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