Brief role description   

Gonzalo and Judith -A typical day for SDRs consists of two main tasks:

  • The first, which almost always coincides with the beginning of Q, would be the prospecting work for Leads. What does this mean? It involves searching for business opportunities that align with BizAway’s qualification criteria. We rely on tools like Apollo or LinkedIn for this purpose.
  • The second task, and the most important one for an SDR, it is generating interest from the decision-makers responsible of each company regarding business travel. How do we generate this interest? On a day-to-day basis, an SDR communicates with leads through three channels: phone calls, emails, and LinkedIn messages. We always strive for maximum personalization in our outreach to get greater attention and avoid going unnoticed.

Successfully accomplishing these two tasks leads us to our objective: scheduling a demo video call between our Sales Executive colleague and the contacted company’s Decision Maker.

What do you like most about your position at BizAway?

Aida and Alba – One of the things we like the most about working as an SDR at BizAway is, without a doubt, the work environment. We value teamwork and foster a positive environment. Our teammates are amazing, willing to help, share knowledge and celebrate successes together.

Another aspect worth highlighting is the interaction with potential clients and the opportunity to establish relationships. It is satisfying to understand the needs and challenges of companies and offer relevant solutions from BizAway.

Since BiAway is a company in constant growth and evolution we love the continuous learning, personal and professional. This allows us to learn every day with new internal recruitment, researching the industry, and also from potential customers.

Lastly, special mention to the satisfaction of contributing to the growth of BizAway. It is rewarding to see how our efforts contribute to the company’s success and motivates us to give our best every day.

How would you describe your tasks as members of the sales team?

Lía and Borja – Everything is based on an organized system for collecting potential customers for subsequent contact by different means (call, mail, Linkedin…). The use of CRM is essential to maintain control and monitoring of communications.

Part of our work is to find the most optimal methods of contact, as well as the strategies that work best.

Continuous communication with our colleagues is essential in order to scale up our skills and nourish ourselves with our knowledge.

How do you interact with other departments?   

Jose and Jessi – For communication with different departments, we have several channels: On the one hand, for more day-to-day and direct communication, we usually use Slack; for requests related to human resources we use the Factorial platform; and for the communication of incidents, proposals for improvements and request for data reports we have a CRM called Salesforce.

What would you say to future BizAway candidates?   

Liam and Veronica – Our message to future SDRs is that it’s a job that rewards effort, where you have the chance to learn and hone your skills (those that have gotten you here), as well as being surrounded by a team of amazing people.

If we had to express what BizAway is for people who really don’t know what kind of company they can expect, we’d like to say that it’s a type of company where you can feel sheltered, supported and constantly trained, which help you progress and continue finding your place in life.

This is the best opportunity to join our amazing team and unleash your potential as an SDR at BizAway! Apply here.