In this interview, we will have the opportunity to learn about and explore the roles of Amanda Di Santolo, Alberto Daneluzzi, and Stefania Dieli as Administration Specialists in our headquarter office, the responsibilities they hold, and the significant contributions they make in optimizing administrative processes.

Through their exceptional skills and unwavering dedication, we will uncover the essential details of their work within the organization.

1. Short description of your role.

Amanda and Alberto – We mostly carry out activities related to the active billing cycle, which involves various tasks such as cash register, back office activities, electronic invoicing, management of requests from auditors, and factoring. Stefania – I handle the passive cycle, which includes recording receipts, managing credit notes, and maintaining a payroll register. I am also the office manager of the Spilimbergo office and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

2. What do you like more about your job position here at BizAway?

Amanda – One of the things I most prefer about my job is the satisfaction I feel when I am able to solve accounting-related issues or provide administrative support to clients. All three of us share a common appreciation for handling complex situations, which not only leads to professional growth but also enables us to maintain close collaboration with developers during platform updates that involve administrative aspects

3. How would you describe your daily activities as a member of the adm team?

Alberto – Every morning, we have a 15-minute meeting to discuss daily tasks and address any emergencies from the previous day. On a weekly basis, we have a meeting with our Account Manager Vincenzo to discuss any issues and review scheduled activities. Every morning, we record incoming payments and handle internal requests.

4. How do you interact with the other departments?

StefaniaWhen necessary, we schedule meetings for the release and evaluation of new accounting developments. For problem resolution and internal workflow management, we open tickets. We are always available for administrative and accounting issues through Slack or our ticketing system.

5. What would you say to future BizAway candidates?

BizAway is a young environment, and there are good vibes among colleagues in our office. We always support each other whenever needed. Two significant aspects are the opportunity to work remotely and personal autonomy in managing our tasks.

One of our strengths is certainly our ability to work as a team and the ease of communication we have developed, thanks to our smart and technology-driven environment.

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