For International Women’s Day, we decided to interview some women from BizAway, asking them to highlight certain aspects of their experience within the company.

It is not news that society tends to form stereotypes about a “typical job for men” and a “typical job for women”. BizAway is committed to fighting gender stereotypes from both sides. At BizAway, women like Edit Muzhaqi, Grisilda Rapanj, Enkela Bregu e Renata Rodrigues who work in the Product Team in full remote and are responsible, as developers, for improving the service on the platform, to achieve a more effective product. Their role in a sector “typically populated by men” is clear evidence that these stereotypes should not exist.

We have asked them:

What is the process inside your work and how do you communicate with each other?

Enkela – We hold a meeting at the start of each day to go over the day’s updates from the entire team. Despite the challenges of remote work, the BizAway team consistently demonstrates its willingness to collaborate and provide assistance whenever required. 

  Edit –  As a developer in Bizaway I communicate with my colleagues through Slack or calls whenever an issue arises, when we need to discuss or coordinate a solution, event or process. On a weekly basis I also attend calls to communicate the progress and discuss potential hurdles in my work.

  Grisilda – When it comes to how we get stuff done and stay in touch, we’re all about Slack. It’s our go-to platform for shooting the breeze, sharing files, and getting work done. We also meet with the product owner every day to go over what’s what and make sure we’re all on the same page. This helps us stay focused on our goals and avoid any miscommunications. Overall, we keep things chill while making sure we’re getting things done.

Renata – We have a strong process end to end, from receiving a new assignment to reviewing the final result of our work. Team leaders, POs, and supervisors are on board and eager to assist in the development and improvement of the product. We have tools at our disposal to facilitate internal communication, that we use to clarify doubts about routine tasks, but also to arrange a brainstorming session to identify potential issues and solutions.

What do you think is the most important thing in teamwork?

Enkela – Communication is essential for teamwork because it allows for the exchange of ideas, feedback, conflict resolution, and goal alignment. Misunderstandings and inefficiencies can arise without effective communication, preventing the team’s success.

Edit – The most important thing in teamwork is effective communication. It helps team members to understand each other’s perspectives, as well as show accountability for their actions. Other factors are definitely trust, respect, and a shared vision. Team members should feel that they can rely on each other. And finally an essential aspect of teamwork is having a diverse set of skills and expertise, as every member brings unique strengths and experiences that contribute to enriching the team. 

Grisilda – When it comes to teamwork, I think the most important thing is being able to communicate effectively. If we can all talk it out, share ideas, and understand what we’re each bringing to the table, we’ll be way more successful. This means being able to say what you mean, listen actively, and ask questions when you’re not sure. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to inject a little humor to keep things fun and light-hearted. 

Renata – Communication and empathy are the key to an efficient teamwork. No one can know everything and that’s ok, the fact that we can rely on our colleagues is a big deal and it’s good to know that we have each other to achieve difficult tasks. 

What is the most inspiring thing in working together?

Enkela – We prioritize supporting each other and recognize that asking for help is an important aspect of successful teamwork at Bizway. The team culture at Bizway allows me to feel comfortable being my authentic self, which enables me to perform at my best.

Edit – One of the most inspiring things about working together is the collective power of a team to achieve common goals and accomplish tasks that would be difficult or impossible to achieve alone. When individuals come together and collaborate effectively, they can leverage each other’s strengths and knowledge to achieve great things.

Grisilda – The coolest thing about working together, in my opinion, is seeing how each team member brings their own unique strengths to the table. It’s like a puzzle where everyone has their own piece, and when we put it all together, we create something amazing. I love how we can bounce ideas off each other and come up with creative solutions that none of us would have thought of alone. Plus, working together can be a real confidence booster because we can support each other and celebrate our successes together. It’s just a really inspiring feeling to know that we’re part of something bigger than ourselves and making a difference as a team.

Renata – We share and validate ideas, learn different problem-solving techniques, make mistakes and successes together. We always find a way to be present for our team, even if it’s remote.

Have you noticed any change between the moment you’ve started and now in terms of women empowerment?

Enkela – Honestly I do not see any disadvantages to being a woman in tech. Being a woman in tech has never prevented me from achieving my goals and reaching my full potential. At Bizaway, gender diversity is valued and celebrated, and I have always felt supported and encouraged to grow and succeed in my career.

Edit – Throughout my working experience, sometimes I’ve been in the position of being the only female in the team and, while I don’t think it made a difference in my work performance, there was still an invisible social gap between me and other team members. However, in Bizaway I have never felt like that at all: there’s no difference in the way you’re communicated to or treated professionally or what is expected of you.

Grisilda – Being a woman in the tech field can be both challenging and rewarding. On one hand, there is still a gender gap in the industry, which can lead to feelings of isolation and imposter syndrome, and sometimes that can make you feel a bit like you’re swimming against the current. However, being honest, I’ve never felt like that at this company. I’ve always felt that my work and contributions were evaluated based on  their merit, rather than my gender. It’s great to work for a company that truly values and embraces diversity.

Renata – The main benefit from this environment is equality! We treat each other the same way, and there is room to bring new ideas, struggles and even have moments to talk about anything else. It’s rewarding to work in such a welcoming environment.

Did we get your attention? If you’re a developer looking to work in a multicultural environment in the travel industry, BizAway is the place for you! Apply here!