For International Women’s Day, we decided to interview some women from BizAway, asking them to highlight certain aspects of their experience within the company.

A full-time job is not the only thing that occupies Arlinda Sheqeri and Elbavida Kullolli’s days: respectively in the administration and customer service departments in the Shkodër office, are two full-time mothers who had to learn eventually how to successfully manage their days between work and family.

For this reason, we asked Arlinda and Elbavida:

How do you manage to balance a full-time job and being a mother at BizAway? Tell us about your experience.

Arlinda – I became a mother at a very young age, practically at 20, while working regularly. My idea was that with proper time management, I would be able to maintain a balance between being a mother and achieving my goals.

To be honest, it was very difficult, but with age and maturity, I was able to understand that time is an abstract concept, it’s not something we can bend or shape as we want, so it’s something that can’t be managed by us. We can’t manage time! But what can we manage?

We can manage ourselves, so I shifted from time management to self-discipline and self-management. The concept is that we have to adapt to time and use it to our advantage. Time is a dimension like space, so just as we are taught to navigate in space and have learned its rules, we must also understand time and all its rules.

I think self-discipline has been my success and will continue for professional improvement and opportunities that BizAway has given me. 

Elbavida – I totally agree with Arlinda. Being a new parent teaches you to discipline and manage the time and spaces that each of us needs on daily bases. Suddenly you find yourself in a new chapter of your life where you have to change everything around you, starting from the small details to the larger ones. That’s where you understand that everything depends on you and that time, work, and family must be strongly linked to each other.

However, we must not forget that a woman is capable of destroying and rebuilding a new world. This requires sacrifice and willpower.

The female team of the Shkodër office

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