Travel management companies (TMC) are companies, like BizAway, specialized in the management of business travel, such as business travel of companies, corporations, SMEs, etc.  

TMCs differ from traditional travel agencies because they not only book travels, but also make reservations in accordance with the company’s travel policy, invoice, manage costs and negotiate air and hotel rates.

What does a travel management company do?

  A travel management company takes care of all the aspects of a company’s travel program, providing you with an automated and assisted service to book your business travel.  

Here is a list of services offered by TMCs:

  • Flight, train, hotel and car rental reservations;
  • Logistical organization of sports events and MICE activities;
  • Travel risk management;
  • Simplified billing;
  • Discounted rates and solutions
  • 24/7 support

What does a travel management company offer?

In a travel management company there are different departments, such as sales, administration, customer service and travel experts, all working together to make the business travel experience as complete as possible.


TMCs offer their clients a software/platform/tool or self-booking that can be accessed by email and password, so that the client can independently book the services they need.

Travel policies

Companies can set up a travel policy with the corresponding TMC to automate all the reservation processes according to the company’s needs.  


TMCs can use the GDS (global distribution system) to book flights. This allows them to access different fares and itineraries and, in this way, travelers can access fares by booking them independently from the platform.

What does BizAway do?

BizAway is a platform that allows you to book your business trips and can be used by everyone independently, saving time by avoiding unnecessary communication between departments. As a result, your company’s expenses are significantly reduced with an average saving of 25% compared to the market price for the same booking.

The platform offers you all the tools you need:

With its simple and intuitive interface, you can access it from all your devices whenever you want.  

Flexibility is the key word: you can configure all settings according to your needs.

Services offered    

Configuration of the travel policy 

The BizAway platform makes the travel manager’s job easier! You can configure your company’s travel policy in a fully automated way: the restrictions set up are alerts that reach the user during the booking process and can prevent the completion of the booking if the selected requirements have not been approved.

You can:

  • Set the maximum budget per person per trip, but also the possibility to customize it according to the type of trip (domestic or international);
  • Set a maximum budget according to the type of booking (for all services or only some);
  • Impose restrictions for all users or only for predetermined groups of travelers;
  • Establish up to how many days before departure users can book;
  • Establish the class of travel allowed;
  • Determine the minimum travel time for each class;
  • Set a maximum price based on the length of the trip.

With the custom fields feature, you can add information to certain types of reservations or to BizAway’s master data. These customizable entries can be configured according to your company’s organization, for example, you can create custom fields according to user departments, set the field as mandatory, exportable to CSV or filterable to a list.

Book independently  

The platform allows you to navigate easily and quickly, in a few clicks you can select the services you need and book them independently. You can also access your reservations directly from your smartphone at any time via our application.      

You also benefit from the same booking advantages for your business and personal travel. You have access to a wide range of fares and exclusive offers that will save you a lot of money. Plus, if you travel frequently and have a loyalty/frequent flyer card, you’re sure to get all the benefits you’re entitled to, even if you book through BizAway.

24/7 support

For any emergency, on-site problem or consultation, you have a customer service team of business travel agents available 24/7 via chat, email or phone.

Travel risk management/Duty of care

BizAway provides your company and your travelers with travel risk management systems. Through our partnership with Riskline, our platform includes a map that monitors the location of your travelers and you can filter by booking, traveler, destination and time frame. In case of relocation due to hotel overbooking or flight cancellation, customer service will provide you with all alternative options. Moreover, the flexible rates will allow you to manage all voluntary changes according to your needs

BizAway acts as an intermediary between you and the suppliers in case of refund, so that you can get your refund as soon as possible, and we will keep you informed throughout the process.

Get access to preferential rates for PCR and antigenic tests, thanks to our partnership with the Italian laboratory Ambimed and the Spanish laboratory Echevarne.

Complex and group business trips

We take care of the organization of complex and group business trips, from the budget to the management of unforeseen events, with hotel reservations, flights, car rentals or special transportation. We manage the logistics of organizing sports events and MICE activities (meetings, seminars, conferences and events). You won’t have to worry about invoicing, we already prepare a single invoice with all the suppliers’ reports.


Depending on your company’s needs, you can create an unlimited number of profiles and billing addresses to easily link your invoices to cost centers. We offer your administrative team the possibility to choose the frequency of your trips invoices. You can choose between:

  • Billing per booking.
  • Weekly invoicing.
  • Bi-monthly invoicing.
  • Monthly billing.

You can configure your travel policy directly on the platform to apply it automatically, you will find all the selected parameters in your reports and invoices.  

From the platform, you can download reports in CSV format for each service. In addition to defining filters such as name or billing profile, you can also get specific lists of bookings with the selected parameters.


You can choose between 3 plans:

Essentials – 4€/booking

  • Access to BizAway rates
  • Automatic Reservations
  • 24/7 support

Advanced – 5€/booking

  • Plan Essentials
  • Integration of corporate negotiated fares
  • “Full-Credit” Rental Car bookings
  • Custom fields and roles
  • Premium SLAs
  • Lodge Cards

Enterprise – Tailored

  • Tailor-made based on your company’s needs

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