We know that business travel can be stressful, and sometimes uncomfortable, but don’t be discouraged! Following some rules can help you master everything you need to do when traveling for business.

In the following list, you’ll find a series of tips and tricks that will help you manage your business travel as if you’ve been doing it all your life.

1. Arrive at the airport early

Arriving at the airport on time is the most important part of the trip so you can check your luggage on time.

2. Follow your company’s travel policy

Before you decide and plan your trip, make sure you read and understand your company’s travel policy. In the travel policy, you will find the information you need to know on where to book, who to ask to validate the trip, how payments and refunds work.

3. Business etiquette

It is clear that respecting the traditions and local culture of the country you are traveling to is essential. Business etiquette is very important in order to avoid your country’s customs that are not considered as such in other countries, for example: shaking hands.

4. Choosing the right seat on the plane

Choosing the right seat can make all the difference, especially on long flights. You can find many websites on the Internet that advise you on the best seats for each flight.

5. Traveling with carry-on luggage

Choosing a carry-on bag instead of a bulky suitcase is the best solution, both for time saving reasons such as waiting for your luggage at your destination or if you lose it, and for ecological reasons, carry-on luggage is lighter and therefore consumes less fuel.

6. First aid kit

No one can know what might happen to you during your trip. Keep a first-aid kit handy with medications you usually take when you’re not feeling well. This kit can include, in addition to first-aid items, painkillers, vitamins, hand cream, hand sanitizer, antacids and your regular medications.

7. Non-stop travel

If you can, choose to travel non-stop, there will be less waiting time and you will be more relaxed. In addition to saving time, you don’t run the risk of having your flight canceled, overbooking and/or lost luggage.

8. Keep the necessary documents at hand

ID card, passwords, tickets, etc., keep them all handy to facilitate the check-in process.

9. Online check-in

Take the time to check-in online to organize your time in the best possible way and avoid waiting in line.

10. Wear clothes that are both stylish and comfortable

It’s important to wear clothes that are both stylish and comfortable in case something unexpected happens: you may need to be well-dressed for an important meeting or need to dress casual for dinner.

11. Think about security checks

To make security checks easier, keep items like liquids, electronics and chargers together so you can get them out quickly at the security checkpoint. The same goes for bracelets, watches and belts.

12. Loyalty program

If you are a member of a loyalty program, be sure to check for benefits that enhance your trip. If you’re not yet a member of the loyalty program, sign up to earn points and take advantage of all the offers.

13. External battery and charged devices

Make sure you always have all the devices you need charged for the trip, but also having external batteries to take with you is ideal for emergency situations.

14. Travel management apps 

Having cab booking and ride-sharing apps on your phone can simplify your trip. The iPhone offers Passbook as an app to manage all the flight details or reservations in general, while for Android, you can use Walletpasses.

15. Parking 

Reserve your parking spot in advance so you don’t have to waste time wandering around town and can arrive on time for your meeting.

16. Request a room near the elevator 

Generally speaking, rooms on higher floors are less prone to theft. But if you are a woman, we recommend that you request a room near an elevator so that you don’t have to walk the halls alone in the middle of the night.

17.  Pay attention to the internet connection

Check with your company’s IT expert about all the security methods you can implement on your computer to avoid possible attacks by connecting to networks that are not considered secure.

18. Plug adapters

Remember that not all countries use the same plugs, always carry your own adapter.

19. Use your time correctly

Traveling for several hours, plus jet lag, can be stressful, but sleeping as soon as you arrive is not a good solution. The best thing you can do is get used to the local time as soon as possible: you can use apps such as Stay Well, Jet Lag Rooster and Entrain to help you cope with the jet lag.

20. Save your receipts and send them in 

We recommend that you don’t throw away receipts or vouchers: you’ll need them later for your expense reports to claim reimbursement. If your company has expense management software, it can be helpful to download the app to your phone to keep track of your expenses. For added convenience, you can also take a picture of all your invoices so you don’t risk losing them.