Organising group business-trips and/or complex trips can be stressful due to the many aspects to consider, like making sure everyone gets on the same flight, booking conference rooms, keeping an eye on expenses and the huge responsibility that you take when it comes to organising such a complex type of travel.

These complex bookings are usually entrusted to a travel management company; however, hereunder you will find some tips to consider when organising your own group travel:

  1. Take advantage of airline discounts

Booking many flights may not always be convenient as fares are often subject to price changes or are highly demanded, so it could turn out to be more expensive.

By contacting a travel management company (TMC) you will have access to more flexible rates and policies because of the agreements between them and their suppliers.

  1. Get the best rates for hotel reservations  

Unlike flight bookings, when it comes to hotels there is a better chance to get a discount for a group trip. However,  in return, such discounted rates may not be refundable. Entrusting a travel management company which operates with flexibility, can help you to obtain benefits (such as access to the spa/pool, room upgrades, etc.) and also to easily solve all the issues that may arise during cancellations / additions of rooms.

  1. MICE Services  

If you rely on a TMC, check whether they offer the MICE service (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events). TMCs usually have a dedicated person who organises trips for groups over 10 people.

  1. The most common mistakes  

One of the most common happenings when organising a group trip is someone’s last minute cancellation. As we said before, bookings for hotels and group flights are often hardly refundable: it’s always advisable to have a backup traveller. Also, providing an itinerary in advance will give your group the opportunity to prepare all the necessary documents and be organised in the best possible way.

What can BizAway do for the organisation of your complex business trips or group travel?

You can avoid any hassle by relying on BizAway! We manage the organisation of anything related to any type of MICE activity.

From booking charter or scheduled flights to booking conference rooms with coffee breaks, lunches and any other activities. We also organise group travel for sporting events. For example:

  • Together with the European Cricket Network – organiser of cricket tournaments throughout Europe – we took care of all the details concerning the logistics of the European Cricket Championship, which mainly consists in providing various travel options according to the needs of each different team, adding extra baggage and cricket equipment, and managing post booking changes. 
  • Abbiamo gestito l’organizzazione dei viaggi di gruppo del Team Lazarus, scuderia automobilistica italiana con sede in provincia di Padova che compete nell’International GT Open.
    Nello specifico:
    • 2020 -Paul Ricard GT Open Championship, France
    • 2020 – GT Open Championship, Hungaroring, Hungary
    • 2021 – GT Open Le Castellet Championship, France
  • From the 15th  to the 19th of december 2021 Imoco Volley team participated in the FIVB World Club Championship 2021 that took place in Ankara, Turkey. We took care of the round trip flights for the team and the team collaborators.

As part of group travel, we organise incentive trips, meetings, bookings for exhibitions and events in general. Moreover, we organise meetings/events and take care of everything from A to Z: 

  • Quotations and on-demand solutions
  • Conference room reservations
  • Organisation of coffee breaks and business lunches
  • Special transport reservations (coaches, limousine service, charter flights)
  • Combination of various services (flight + train, flight + bus, etc.)
  • Post booking management (adding/cancelling rooms, meals, flights)
  • Management of all contingencies (monitoring delays and dealing with emergencies)
  • Post event: financial statements and invoicing
  • Customer service available 24/7 and management of all contingencies for the entire duration of the event

In addition to the complete service, we can offer you preferential prices, profitable cancellation policies and above all flexibility, as we rely on trusted suppliers. If you need to organise a group business trip with specific requirements, our specialised team will be at your disposal. When you entrust us the organisation of your trip, we will issue an all-inclusive invoice once the event is over; so you don’t have to worry about tracking of all costs and request individual invoices to various suppliers.