This 2021 continues to bring us great satisfaction: after earning the podium of the FT1000 ranking for business travel, BizAway won the award for Most Innovative Travel Booking Solution 2021 given by LUXlife Magazine.

With the aim of simplifying and optimising the business travel experience, BizAway has developed an innovative, intuitive and constantly evolving platform. Co-Founder and CEO, Luca Carlucci, tells us more about the firm and its core values.

BizAway is a corporate travel agency and technology company based in Italy and Spain, which offers an all-in-one worldwide tool, developed to simplify every aspect of business travel. In just a few clicks, clients can book, control and manage their business trips quickly and easily, saving precious time to focus on the things that matter.

Conceived and developed by a dedicated team of professionals, BizAway’s sophisticated but intuitive tool aims to simplify the business travel user experience. With constant updates and continuous evolution, the platform turns outdated and time-consuming operations into fast and easily manageable tasks.

The firm’s clients are both medium and larger companies. It has a unique approach which is based on a previous audit of the possible needs that the company may present, and this differentiates BizAway from its main competitors. With its personalised treatment from the first point of contact, competitive prices (25% savings) and the flexibility to adapt the platform to the needs of each company, BizAway has firmly positioned itself as head and shoulders above the rest.

The company is based on honesty, transparency in actions, mutual respect, teamwork, responsibility, professionalism, commitment, growth, constant innovation and the importance of its customers for the vitality of the company.

Co-Founder and CEO, Luca Carlucci, tells us more about the staff members how are so crucial to the smooth operation of the business.

“We have a hugely diverse variety of professional figures: experienced IT developers, self-driven sales representatives, committed travel experts and devoted professionals, with a flair for journey planning, all working together with the aim of changing the business travel industry once and for all.”

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In addition to this, he also elaborates on the firm’s core values which include a big focus on sustainability.

“Thanks to our automated CO2 offset capability we are able to allow our clients to go Carbon Neutral in respect to their business travel. Thanks to this innovation, we have planted more than 60,000 mangrove trees thanks to our collaboration with Eden Reforestation projects,” he explains.

BizAway is a benefit company currently awaiting BCorp certification, which means that the firm meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

“We have found that the BCorp Certification is a great framework to maintain our commitments even as we grow,” continues Luca. “For this, BizAway is a pending BCorp expecting to be certified during this year 2021.”

Of course, one of the biggest challenges the company faces now, and in the near future, is the fallout from the Covid-19 crisis, particularly in the travel sector. However, Luca tells us that he very much sees the glass as ‘half full’ as opposed to ‘half empty’.

“Though this pandemic has hit the travel sector very hard, we took the opportunity to propose new value-added services and adapt to the new needs of the moment,” he enthuses. “Our travellers need to travel informed and in safety (nowadays even more so), so we developed a Travel Risk Management system that allows us to locate travellers and anticipate possible alerts and warnings that may have been set up at the destination.” For this, they also partnered up with Riskline, a worldwide leader in travel risk intelligence.

Such needs led also to two partnerships with laboratories all over Europe for PCR tests, which have become indispensable for any trip. In this way, BizAway customers can also manage these requirements through the BizAway platform and benefit from better conditions and warranties. There was time for expansion too, as Luca continues: “We have also opened our fourth new office in Vigo (Galicia), Spain, taking advantage of the talent concentrated there. Right now, there are already 18 people, but the idea is to expand rapidly even in that hub.”

The client base also didn’t stop growing thanks to the ever evolving solution of BizAway, so much so they even made the FT1000 list of this year, in the first position for the business travel category.

Looking to the future, BizAway will continue its constant effort to improve upon what is already the best inventory worldwide by working on numerous additional direct integrations with additional providers for all the different verticals, including the NDC protocols made available by additional airlines.

“In parallel, we are working on a very big project that will be disclosed only by the end of the year in partnership with a major global mobility player,” says Luca covertly. “Watch this space!”.