What are the features of the ideal business hotel? When leaving for a business trip, besides a comfortable mattress, you wish your hotel will provide for all those tiny additional services that will help you make the most of the time spent outside your office.

Here the most requested facilities that a perfect business hotel must have:

Wi-Fi Connection to be always connected

Fast, reliable and easy to use, Wi-Fi connection is the first essential service for the business traveller who needs to answer emails and stay in touch with customers and colleagues. Particularly appreciated is the possibility of connecting anywhere in the building instead of staying holed up in the room. A plus is certainly the possibility to print and scan documents.

Electrical sockets in the room

The ideal business hotel must have easily identifiable electrical sockets inside the rooms. The guest should not be forced to sacrifice the bedside lamp or the desk light to charge her/his devices. Inspecting the room from top to bottom in a desperate search for a socket and finding it in the most uncomfortable and unexpected places makes the hotel experience anything but comfortable.

Connection with public transport

Another discriminating factor when picking the ideal hotel is indeed the distance from the venue where the meeting or conference will be held. Save precious time by switching to public transportation.

Time flexibility for check-in and check-out

Finding a reception open 24 hours a day is a great relief, especially if you think about the event of a train strike or flight delay, unpredictable circumstances that could drastically change your travel plans. With a view to flexibility, the early check-in services (when the traveller arrives at the structure before the reception opens) and late check-out (postponing the delivery of the keys perhaps to recover a few hours of sleep before leaving the hotel) are appreciated.

Your meals directly at the hotel

Travelling for business also means having a short time to consume your meals. With meetings and tasks piling up throughout the day, sometimes the only meal turns out to be a sandwich at the nearest cafè. For this reason, the ideal business hotel must be equipped with a restaurant to guarantee guests the possibility of having breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast, in particular, must be rich – possibly continental, to satisfy the taste of every traveller and provide them with the right energy to start the day.

Guarded parking

Business travellers sometimes prefer to travel by car so the hotel car park allows them to leave their vehicle close to the entrance and, most of all, in total safety: without risking theft or damages.

Transfer service to and from the airport

The transfer service to and from the airport is particularly appreciated. The facility is already aware of the traveller’s movements and keeps the flight monitored in case of any delays. On his arrival, the guest will be welcomed by the driver, already waiting for him.

Meeting room for meetings and events

Meetings and micro corporate events can be hosted directly in the hotel meeting room, which is often equipped with a video projector, microphones and screen. Business hotels also offer the possibility of organizing coffee breaks or light lunches tailored to the needs and intolerances of all attendants

Free gym to relieve stress

To release the stress and tension of an intense working day, a little physical activity is what it takes. This is why having a gym inside the hotel is particularly appreciated by business travellers, regardless of whether they are sportsmen or not.

In its platform, BizAway provides an integrated section for every hotel, containing all the information you need to evaluate each facility: descriptions, photographs, included and not included services. You will also be able to read the reviews of travellers who have already stayed in that structure divided by category. Briefly, everything you should know in a click!

For any questions, you can contact our customer service, via chat or email. A team of business travel experts will assist you by recommending the hotel that best suits your needs.